Saavi Ki Savaari 21st November 2022 Written Update: Krishna informs Shivam about Sonam’s wrong deeds


Saavi Ki Savaari 21st November 2022 Written Update On

Episode begins with Nityam arranges fan for Saavi so she could sleep properly at night. He tells Saavi that her sleep disturbed his meeting. He says that he will let her get insulted next time. He adds that he prepared halwa. Saavi asks him that if he really prepared halwa. He tells her that he said everyone that she was exhausted so he told her to take rest and he decided to prepare halwa. She asks him that if he really prepared halwa. She asks him that if he even know what ingredients should be used in halwa and how to prepare halwa. He leaves the room.

On the other hand, Shivam gets happy seeing Krishna. Krishna tells him that he tried to contact him but could not. He says that the Sonam put them behind the bars. Shivam gets angry hearing him. Krishna tells him that Sonam is really cunning. He says that Sonam ruined Shivam’s future. Shivam asks him that why the latter is saying like this. Krishna tells him that what Sonam did in the resort. He says that Sonam framed Shivam in the food case. He tells him that Sonam did all that to marry rich businessman. Shivam says that he don’t want to do anything in anger. He adds that he will decide what to do with Sonam.

Sonam tells Ratna that Saavi’s horoscope is really rare one. She says that Nityam don’t like Saavi still Saavi managing everything in Dalmia house. Ratna asks her to think about her future. Brijesh and Nutan talks that Saavi slept at morning. Nutan says that Saavi is in problem for sure. Brijesh reminds her that Saavi used to sleep at morning when she went for night shift. Sonam recalls that how Dimpy said that Saavi leaving the house at night. She wonders that why Saavi leaving the house at night.

Saavi gets ready to leave the house. She thinks that she will end up in problem if Nityam got to know that she is not in the room even though he arranged fan for her.

Dimpy tells Priest that she is going because Saavi arranged everything. Priest tells her that she has to stay there. She tries to leave. He threatens to complain about her to Uma devi. She thinks that she has to leave to follow Saavi. Saavi goes to the kitchen and prepares the things which they will need for puja. Vedika recalls that how Nityam blamed Raksham for her husband’s death.

Shivam thanks Krishna for everything and leaves to meet Sonam. Vedika sits in the house temple. Dimpy gets two minutes break. She calls Sonam. Sonam tells her that Saavi going somewhere to earn extra money for sure. Dimpy asks her to come to Dalmia house and follow Saavi. Saavi tells Raju that she is leaving after preparing tea. Vedika asks her that why the latter is preparing tea now. Saavi thinks that she can’t hide the truth anymore.

Episode ends.

Precap – Sonam tells Ratna that she has to follow Saavi tonight. Shivam asks her to go with him for ride. Sonam tells Ratna to finish the job and she leaves with Shivam. Shivam confronts Sonam. He says that Saavi should know Sonam’s truth.

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