Saavi Ki Savaari 21st September 2022 Written Update: Nityam’s family reaches Malva resort


Saavi Ki Savaari 21st September 2022 Written Update on

Episode begins with Vedika sneezes twice when leaving the house. Nityam asks them to cancel everything. She says that he thinks that she is going to get ill. He tells her that, that’s what going to happen. He says that he will call the Doctor. She tells him that everyone will make fun of him if they got to know about this then. She says that she is not a kid and today his marriage will happen at any cost. They leaves from there. In the Malva resort, Krishna looks after decorations. He wonders that why Shivam is not picking the call. He assumes that Shivam must be busy with Sonam.

In the police station, Police inspector tells Saavi that he can’t help her in Shivam’s matter. Saavi tells him that she knows Shivam very well and he is innocent for sure. He asks her to focus on Sonam’s marriage and he will do whatever he can do. She nods at him. She thinks that Shivam’s girlfriend must be sad. She picks Ratna’s call. She tells her that she will bring everything and disconnects the call. Meanwhile, Sonam thinks that she is free from Shivam finally.

On the other hand, Dalmias reaches Malva resort. Staffs welcomes Dalmias. Nityam gives handkerchief to Vedika. Vedika tells him that she is fine. He tells her that she is trying to not sneeze in front of him. She tells him that he is interested in her than his business. Sonam’s family comes there. Resort staffs welcomes Sonam’s family. Sonam thinks that it would be good if Saavi don’t come.

Vedika compliments Sonam. Sonam takes Vedika’s blessings on Nutan’s behest. Vedika tells Nutan that the latter must be missing her husband. She tells her that the latter got a son and she got a daughter. Ratna says that resort is really beautiful. Everyone goes inside. Krishna introduces himself as Manager to Ratna. Ananya tries to click Nityam and Sonam’s photo. Thasu takes Ananya from there.

Sonam tells Nityam that she is not habituated to wear saree. Nityam asks her about Saavi. She asks her that why he is asking about Saavi suddenly. He tells her that he wants this marriage to happen peacefully. She tells him that Saavi creates a drama to get everyone’s attention. Saavi comes there and starts dancing. Security guard stops Saavi. He asks her that what is she doing there. She tells him that she has to give few things.

Sonam and Nityam sees that. Nityam tells Sonam that Saavi just know to make him angry. He asks that why Saavi came in her auto. He tells her to make Saavi understand that how to behave in this function. He goes to Saavi. He scolds her for coming in the auto. She tells him that this auto is part of her family. He tells her to park her auto somewhere else. She thinks that one day he will understand the value of her auto.

Vedika gets happy seeing Saavi. Dimpy mocks her for doing marriage works. Vedika talks about Saavi’s marriage. Nutan tells her that it won’t be easy to find a groom for Saavi. Nityam says that they should go and take rest. Everyone goes inside. Vedika sneezes. Saavi tells kada recipe to her. Krishna asks Nityam what he wants. Nityam tries to tell kada recipe to him. Saavi tells kada recipe to Krishna. Krishna learns that bride name is Sonam.

Episode ends.

Precap – Ratna pretends like struggling to breathe.

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