Saavi Ki Savaari 23rd September 2022 Written Update: Saavi falls into the swimming pool


Saavi Ki Savaari 23rd September 2022 Written Update on

Episode begins with Sonam hugs Saavi. She thanks her for saving Nityam’s life. Vedika tells Saavi that she can’t repay for what the latter did for her. She says that Nityam is everything for her. She says that Saavi saved her life by saving Nityam’s life. Dadi tells Vedika that Nityam risked his life so he could save horoscopes for Vedika. Vedika apologizes to Nityam. Dimpy wonders that how this fire accident happened. Guruji says that if this incident did not happen then it would have been good. Nityam apologizes to Vedika for not saving the horoscopes. Vedika tells him that he is fine and that’s what matters for her. She asks everyone to get ready for the photoshoot. Dada tells Dadi that Vedika pretends like fine.

Sonam and Ratna enters the room. They dances in happiness. Sonam tells Ratna that she will become Dalmia in two days. She says that Nityam don’t let Saavi go around him so it’s not possible to Nityam and Saavi become one. She tells her that today’s photoshoot will become perfect. Saavi comes there. Sonam says that she don’t like this photoshoot outfit so she wants new one. Saavi tells her that she will bring new outfit. She leaves the room with old outfit.

On the other hand, Vedika recalls Guruji words. She cries seeing the burnt horoscopes. Dada and Dadi comes there. Vedika tells them that Saavi saved Nityam but horoscopes got burnt. She says that she knows this happened because they changed the marriage date. She says that she is not feeling good. And it looks like everything going wrong. She decides to meet Swamiji. She says that it won’t be easy to meet him but she will try her best. Meanwhile, Nityam recalls fire accident when swimming. He recalls Vedika’s words.

Dimpy chooses outfit for photoshoot. Himesh asks her to try something else. Saavi tells stylist Lara that Sonam did not like her photoshoot outfit. Lara insults her. Dimpy tells Lara that Saavi is Sonam’s sister. Lara asks Saavi that what kind of outfit will suit for Sonam. Saavi gives her opinion to her. Dimpy helps them to select an outfit for Sonam. She tears Sonam’s outfit without anyone’s knowledge.

Saavi notices Nityam in the swimming pool. She tries to leave from there but Nityam stops her. He tells her that he did not like that she saved his life. She apologizes to him for saving his life. He asks her that what she wants for saving his life. She tells him to maintain the distance of 5 feet. She asks him to save her when she is in danger. She moves from there and she slips. He holds her hand. She tells him that he saved her life. He leaves her hand and she falls into the swimming pool.

Krishna decides to find out that Shivam’s girlfriend and Nityam’s finance are same or not. Sonam gets an outfit which Dimpy selected for her. Saavi asks her to try it but the latter refuses. Krishna reaches Sonam’s room with juice.

Episode ends.

Precap – Dimpy collides with Sonam deliberately. Sonam realises that her outfit got torned.

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