Saavi Ki Savaari 24th August 2022 Written Update: Saavi wins the auto race


Saavi Ki Savaari 24th August 2022 Written Update on

Episode begins with Nityam notices that Saavi’s auto got stuck in the mud. He helps Saavi without seeing her face. She thanks God. She leaves from there without seeing Nityam’s face. On the other hand, Saavi’s mother scolds Sonam for lying. She says that everyone has so much expectations from Sonam but Sonam did this. Ratna says that Sonam finished her exams now only so she would have went out for relaxation. Saavi’s mother tells her that Sonam hiding things from them. Sonam tells her that Saavi hiding things from them. Mama asks her that why the latter dragging Saavi. Sonam asks them that if they knows that where is Saavi now. Saavi’s mother says that Saavi left for work to earn.

Sonam reveals that Saavi went to participate in the auto race. She shows the poster of auto race. Mama says that yesterday only he talked about this auto race to Saavi. He adds that Saavi knows that he is against this auto race so she would not participate in this. Sonam says that winner will get twenty five thousand rupees. She adds that Saavi went for prize money. Ratna tells Saavi’s mother that everyone will think that they forced Saavi to participate in the auto race for money. Sonam says that she went out to stop Saavi. She adds that Saavi should not have done this. She tells her mother that Saavi crossing the limits.

Meanwhile, Saavi recalls that how everyone underestimated her. Race gets over and Saavi wins the race. Saavi hugs her auto in happiness. She says that they will stay together. In the award function, Host calls Nityam’s mother Vedika to the stage to give the award to Nityam. Vedika says that she is so happy today. She adds that if her husband was there then he would have said that he is so proud of Nityam. She gives the award to Nityam.

Everyone claps for Saavi. Saavi gets shocked seeing her family there. Ananya tells her family that Saavi won the race so she will get the prize money. Mama stops Ananya from going to the stage. Saavi thinks that she lost it even though she won the race.

After some time, Ratna tells Saavi that everyone will think that they put her life in danger for money. Saavi asks Mama to say something. Mama asks her to not spend this money for family. He says that this money will be used for her marriage and goes inside. Later, Ananya applies haldi on Saavi’s injury. Saavi tells her that one rich man helped her today. Sonam watches Nityam’s speech. Nityam says that how he helped an auto driver to save his time. Saavi gets angry hearing him.

Next day, Saavi returns the money to Bhaai. Nityam’s sister Thasu tells Nityam to not marry. Nityam asks her that why she has problem with his marriage. She shows Dimpy and Himesh’s fight. She says that her mother cried a lot because of Himesh. And now his second wife torturing him. He tells her that it’s his turn. He shows their Dadu and Dadi to her. He says that his wife should be his business partner more than life partner. He says that she should be practical. He adds that Vedika knows his requirements so he need not to worry about anything. Priest tells Vedika that Nityam’s kundali is special so it won’t be easy to find a girl for Nityam but he will try his best.

Episode ends.

Episode begins with Saavi tells her father’s photo that he motivated her when she lost in the school running race. She says that she has to return twenty five thousand rupees to Bhaai or else she will lose her auto. She wonders that how she is going to win this life race now. She notices the auto race poster and winner will get twenty five thousand rupees. She calls on the number and she asks about auto race. She gets shocked hearing about entry fees. She reaches the house. Mama gives water to her. She asks him that if he has not sleep yet. He tells her that he never sleeps until she returns from work. He says that he learnt about auto race and that’s really dangerous. She decides to not tell him that she is going to participate in the auto race.

Next day, Saavi takes money for entry fees for auto race. Meanwhile, Nityam wakes up. Reporter announces that today Nityam going to receive businessman of the year award. Saavi asks her mother about Sonam. Her mother tells her that Sonam preparing for an interview in the terrace.

In the terrace, Sonam talks to her boyfriend Shivam on a video call. He tells shayari to her. She disconnects the call hearing Saavi’s voice. She scolds Saavi for disturbing her when she was preparing for an interview. Saavi says sorry to her. She gives tea to her. She asks her to forget that what happened yesterday. She says that everyone is proud of her. Sonam nods at her. Saavi kisses on her cheek and leaves from there. Sonam sees the poster of auto race.

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