Saavi Ki Savaari 24th September 2022 Written Update: Krishna learns about Sonam’s betrayal


Saavi Ki Savaari 24th September 2022 Written Update on

Episode begins with Saavi takes the juice from Krishna and closes the door. Resort staff scolds Krishna for not doing his job. He reminds him that the latter is manager. He orders him to go to photoshoot location. He tells him Nityam complaint about him already. Krishna leaves from there. On the other hand, Nityam asks Kiran about meetings update. Thasu tells Nityam that he need a break. He suggests her to watch a webseries. Ananya tells Brijesh that her dress looks plain but Thasu’s dress is so beautiful. Brijesh tells her they should not compare themselves with others. He tells her that she looks like an angel. She thanks him.

Nityam tells Kiran to talk to PR team. Kiran tells him that PR team planning the live telecast of photoshoot. Dimpy overhears their conversation. She tells Himesh that Sonam and Nityam won’t be able to get a single perfect picture together. She says that it’s going to be so much fun. Sonam gets hyper after getting ready. Saavi asks her to calm down. They leaves the room. Thasu asks Nityam to smile atleast today. Nityam asks her about elders of their family. She tells him that they looked frustrated.

Meanwhile, Vedika informs Dada and Dadi that Swamiji coming to solve the problem. They starts dancing. Ratna asks them that what happened. Vedika hides the truth from her. Ratna leaves from there. Vedika tells Dada and Dadi that no one should know about Swamiji. She says that she is doing all this so Nityam could lead a happy married life.

Nityam reaches the photoshoot location. Saavi brings Sonam there. Everyone smiles seeing Sonam. Thasu teases Nityam. Dimpy says that they won’t get important in front of pretty bride so they should click family photos first. Nityam reminds Saavi about her wish.

Dimpy tells Himesh that Sonam won’t smile after this. They clicks family photos. Everyone moves aside except Sonam and Nityam. Nityam also moves aside to pick a call. Dimpy collides with Sonam deliberately. Sonam realises that her dress got torned. She wonders that where is Saavi. She calls Saavi. Saavi goes to her. Sonam tells her that she should have tried the dress. She informs her that dress got torned. Saavi tells her to smile. She says that she will do something. Dimpy tells photographer to click Sonam’s back photos.

Saavi makes Sonam wear her duppata. She asks Ananya to bring another duppata for her. Photographer asks Saavi to move aside. Saavi tells Sonam that now everything is fine. She says that now Sonam looks like a princess. Nityam asks Sonam that what happened. Sonam tells him that she will tell him later. Himesh tells Dimpy that Saavi ruined her plan. Dimpy tells him that she won’t spare Saavi.

Krishna tries to click Sonam’s photo without anyone’s knowledge. He gets shocked seeing Sonam as bride. Saavi sees Krishna clicking Sonam’s photos. She snatches the camera from him. She complains to resort staff about Krishna. Krishna tells Saavi about Sonam’s engagement. Saavi refuses to believe him. Resort staff fires Krishna from the job. Sonam asks Saavi that what happened. Saavi tells her about Krishna.

Episode ends.

Precap – Saavi learns that Dimpy planning something against Sonam. Krishna confronts Sonam.

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