Saavi Ki Savaari 3rd February 2023 Written Update: Saavi decides to propose Nityam


Saavi Ki Savaari 3rd February 2023 Written Update On

Episode begins with Sonam calls Ratna and tells her about Shivam’s decision. She asks her to do something because she don’t want to do this marriage. Ratna tells her that it’s a good news and asks her to get ready well for the marriage. Sonam asks her that if the latter is on her side or against her. Ratna tells her that she is on truth side. She asks her to marry Shivam or else she will tell all the truth to Saavi. Sonam asks her to stop it and disconnects the call. She tells herself that everything is over and how she is going to come out of this. And she cries.

On the other hand, Saavi asks Girdhar that how he tells the matter to his wife if he wanted to share something then. Girdhar tells her that he buys his wife favourite things and tells the matter to her. Saavi thanks him. She wonders that what she can buy for Nityam when he has everything already. Meanwhile, Sonam recalls Shivam’s words and also Ratna’s threat. She searches sleeping pills of Brijesh and she finds it.

Saavi decides to arrange Nityam’s cupboard because he loves that. She opens the cupboard and notices that everything is perfect already. She watches romantic films to get an idea. She tells herself that girls are not proposing in these films. She decides to take Sonam’s help.

Sonam writes suicide note. She blames Shivam and Saavi for her suicide. She picks Saavi’s call. Saavi asks Sonam that who proposed first. Sonam tells her that she is busy now and don’t trust Shivam’s words. Saavi tells her that she realised that she fell in love with Nityam. Sonam disconnects the call. She says that she can’t see Saavi and Nityam together and she has nothing to do by staying alive and she consumes sleeping pills.

Shivam tells himself that everything will be over in two days. Saavi calls Shivam and asks him to help her. She tells him that she has so many things to tell to Nityam but she is not understanding how to do that. She informs him that she watched many movies still she did not get any idea. He tells her that no use of that. He asks her to listen her heart and confess her love to Nityam. She tells him that she understood. And She thanks him and disconnects the call.

Kiran tells Nityam that Saavi called him again. Nityam learns that Sonam is not picking the call and he calls Sonam. Sonam tells him that she consumed sleeping pills in anger. She asks him to save her. He asks her to not sleep and leaves the office.

Saavi writes love letter to Nityam. She thinks that today is special day and she waits for Nityam. Nityam reaches Goyal house and he searches Sonam.

Episode ends.

Precap – Saavi decorates the terrace and waits for Nityam. She confesses her love to Nityam.

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