Saavi Ki Savaari 3rd March 2023 Written Update: Shivam reunites with Dalmias


Saavi Ki Savaari 3rd March 2023 Written Update on

Episode begins with Girdhar ignores Saavi. Thasvi tells Saavi that she did not eat dinner yet because she wanted to eat with Saavi. Saavi asks her that why the latter is going against family members. Thasvi tells her that her heart says the latter is hiding something from them. And she know Saavi is not the person who can break her marriage for money. She asks her that what’s the real reason. Saavi thinks that she can’t take risk by revealing the truth. She tells her that she know what is poverty and she took this decision after thinking a lot and goes inside. Dimpy overhears their conversation.

On the other hand, one guy pleads Dhruv to spare his life. Sonam calls Dhruv and tells him that she has proof against him. She asks him to reach saluja building of Uijjan with 3 crores or else he will end up in jail and disconnects the call. He tells himself that he has to go to Uijjan and shoots that guy.

Uma Devi tells Vedika that they forgave Saavi’s every mistakes but Saavi crossed all the limits. She asks her that how can they let Saavi take their money. Vedika asks her that what they can do. Devraj says that he agree with Uma Devi. Vedika tells him that they don’t have any other choice than fulfilling Saavi’s demand and leaves from there. Uma Devi says that she won’t let this happen and she decides to call Nutan.

Shivam gets ready to leave to meet Dhruv. Sonam comes there and asks him to not go to Dhruv’s place because that’s danger for him. She informs him that tomorrow Dhruv is coming to Uijjan and gives saluja building address to him and leaves from there. Shivam calls Saavi and informs her that tomorrow Dhruv is coming to Uijjan. Saavi tells him that she also want to meet Dhruv.

Kiran calls Saavi and asks her to send her details to him, because he need them to prepare legal papers. Saavi tells him that she will sent it. Dimpy sees message from Saavi’s phone and learns that Saavi is meeting Raksham at saluja building. She sends saluja building address to contract killer.

Nutan tells Uma Devi that she don’t know anything about divorce and alimony. And it’s Saavi’s decision so she can’t do anything and disconnects the call. She tells Brijesh that she followed Saavi’s instructions but she is not understanding that why Saavi is doing all this. Kailash hears everything.

Next day, Saavi leaves the house and Dimpy sees that. Shivam tells Saavi that she should wait for him if she reached saluja building first then. Shivam reunites with Dalmias. He introduces Sonam as his wife to Dalmias and everything turns out to be Sonam’s dream.

Saavi reaches saluja building and goes inside. Dhruv’s goons catches her. Contract killer leaves for saluja building. Shivam’s bike break down and he calls Saavi but no response from other side.

Episode ends.

Precap – Dhruv tries to kill Saavi. Saavi tells him that she did not come to blackmail him.

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