Saavi Ki Savaari 3rd October 2022 Written Update: Dimpy attempts to tell Sonam’s truth to Nityam


Saavi Ki Savaari 3rd October 2022 Written Update on

Episode begins with Shivam threatens to kill her and himself if she betrayed him then. Ratna tells Sonam that Shivam will kill them. Meanwhile, Nityam thinks that why Sonam did not return yet. Vedika says that they have to perform ritual on time. Nutan asks Saavi to find Sonam. Saavi leaves from there.

Himesh tells Dimpy that he searched everywhere but could not find the pendrive. He asks her to stop drinking. Dimpy tells him that she saw the truth so she will tell everyone. He tells her that Nityam won’t listen her without proof. He reminds her that Nityam hates her. She pushes him. She goes to Nityam and applies haldi on his face. Nityam asks her that if she is drunk. She tells him that she is enjoying his marriage. She says that she know he hate liars. She asks him that if he ever noticed why Sonam looks scared always.

She tells him that Vedika waiting for Sonam to perform ritual. She asks him that if he know what’s going on in Sonam’s mind. She is about to tell him that Sonam is betrayer but Himesh takes Dimpy from there. Himesh tells Dimpy that Nityam did not spare a person who stalked Sonam. He asks her to imagine what Nityam will do if she accused Sonam without proof. Saavi overhears their conversation. She wonders that what’s in the pendrive.

Nityam tells Thasu to find Sonam. Shivam shoots Ratna and it turns out to be her dream. Ratna tells Sonam that they will end up in jail. Sonam asks her to calm down. Thasu comes there and says that everyone waiting for Sonam. Saavi comes there and asks Sonam that why the latter looks tensed. Sonam makes an excuse. Haldi ceremony gets over. Vedika waits for Swamiji.

Later, Sonam asks Shivam to meet her at backside of the resort. She tells herself that she will get married to Nityam for sure. Nityam gives instructions to Kiran. Vedika tells him that he and Sonam should take Swamiji’s blessings. She asks him to bring Sonam and leaves from there.

Saavi opens the video and gets shocked seeing that. Nityam comes there and asks her about Sonam. She hides the video from him. She tells him that she don’t know where is Sonam. He leaves from there angrily. She decides to confront Sonam. She calls Sonam but the latter disconnects the call. Nityam spots Sonam and he takes her with him. Saavi sees that.

Vedika welcomes Swamiji. Nityam and Sonam comes there. They takes Swamiji’s blessings. Sonam recalls Shivam’s threat. Swamiji glances Sonam. He asks her that if anything bothering her. She tells him that she is fine. She says that she need to get ready and leaves from there. Nityam and Vedika tells Swamiji to take rest. Swamiji asks Vedika to send Sonam’s birth date and birth place to him and leaves from there. Vedika wonders that why Swamiji wants Sonam’s horoscope.

Episode ends.

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