Saavi Ki Savaari 4th February 2023 Written Update: Saavi proposes to Nityam


Saavi Ki Savaari 4th February 2023 Written Update On

Episode begins with Nityam finds Sonam. He asks her that if she had vomited. Sonam tells him that she is sleepy and she tried to vomit but failed. She asks him to save her. He takes her near bathroom. He recalls that how Saavi taught him to vomit. And he tells Sonam that what she should do. She feels vomiting and enters the bathroom.

On the other hand, Saavi decorates the terrace and waits for Nityam. She tells herself that Nityam is late today. Nityam comes there and tries to kiss her ( Nazdeekiyaan song plays in the background ). She gets shy and moves from there. He notices the decorations and asks her that if she did it. She nods at him. He understands that why she called him. She tells him that she have so much to tell him. She says that she want a fresh start with him. He asks her that why this sudden change. She tells him that she realised now only. She asks him to stay with her today because she will show right path to him. She gives love letter to him and tells him that he will understand her feelings. He reads the letter. She comes to sense and realises that everything was her dream. She picks Razak’s call.

Nityam gives lemon water to Sonam. Sonam thanks him for saving her life. He asks her that why she took this decision when she is such a confident girl and she can achieve many things in her life. She thinks that she want to achieve him. She recalls Shivam’s words. She lies to him that she remembered her father and she was alone. She tells him that he won’t understand. He asks her to stay in Dalmia house until her family returns. She asks him to not tell Saavi about her suicide attempt. He asks her to pack her things. She thinks that today he proved that he cares about her.

Uma Devi tells Devraj that she would have missed her kitty party due to him. Devraj tells her that seems like he started forgetting things and he should write will. He decides to return everything to Nityam. Himesh overhears their conversation. He tells Devraj that he will call the lawyer. Uma Devi asks him that if the latter was eavesdropping. Himesh makes an excuse. Devraj tells him to call the lawyer.

Saavi talks to Razak in the garden. Nityam brings Sonam there. Sonam notices Chattriprasad and she tells about it to Nityam. Saavi gets surprised seeing Sonam there. Sonam lies to her that she had food poison so she called Nityam. Saavi thanks Nityam for helping Sonam and she goes inside to make food for Sonam. Nityam learns that Saavi told Razak to park Chattriprasad in Dalmia house for 2 days. He thinks that he has to clear the misunderstanding of Saavi that he don’t have any problem with Chattriprasad.

Episode ends.

Precap – Saavi spots Vedika and follows her. Vedika meets with an accident while escaping from Saavi. Other side, Sonam drinks a lot and decides to get rid of Shivam.

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