Saavi Ki Savaari 5th March 2023 Written Update: Saavi gets an idea to bring Raksham to Dalmia house


Saavi Ki Savaari 5th March 2023 Written Update on

Episode begins with Shivam asks Saavi to handle herself. He says criminals ends up like this only. Sonam comes there and asks Saavi and Shivam that if they are fine. She reveals that she called the police. Shivam scolds her for ruining his life and destroying his hope. He regrets the day he met Sonam. Saavi asks him to not talk like that to Sonam. She says that Sonam cares about them that’s why Sonam called the police. Shivam says that it’s not in his destiny to reunite with Vedika. And he don’t deserve second chance. He apologizes to Saavi for everything and leaves from there. Sonam tells Saavi that Shivam need her now and follows him.

Saavi picks Nutan’s call and tells her that she lost even though she tried a lot. And Raksham can’t reunite with his family never. Nutan tells her that the latter risked her marriage for this. Saavi tells her that everything is over. Nutan tells her that the latter did nothing wrong and she is with her.

Dimpy searches Himesh. She finds him behind the sofa and asks him that what is he doing there. Himesh tells her that he is hallucinating contract killer everywhere. She tells him that contract killer would have killed Raksham.

Sonam apologizes to Shivam. She tells him that she also wanted him to reunite with his family. And they will find a way to solve the problem. Shivam accepts that she helped him recently but he can’t trust her again. He asks her to leave him alone because they can’t become one never. She asks him that what she should do to gain his trust. He tells her that she is selfish and that can’t be changed. She agrees to leave from his life. She promises to not meet him again and leaves from there. Dimpy and Himesh learns that contract killer and Raksham died.

Saavi enters the house. She recalls that how she got married to Nityam. Meanwhile, Nityam recalls that how he ended his relationship with Saavi. Saavi enters the room. He tells her that he was waiting for her only. He says that he prepared legal papers and he tauntingly tells her that she become rich. He gives the papers to her and he asks her to sign on the divorce papers too. He wishes happy holi to her and calls her as Saavi Goyal and leaves the room.

Later, Dalmias gets ready to celebrate Holika Dahan. Saavi tells Vedika that she know the latter don’t want her to leave the house. Vedika tells her that the latter must have some plan. Saavi tells her that she had failed. Vedika tells her that she can’t lose her daughter. Himesh comes there. Dalmias fails to recognize Himesh. Dimpy tells them that that’s Himesh and few people colored his face. Saavi gets an idea. She thinks that Raksham can enter Dalmia house.

Episode ends.

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