Saavi Ki Savaari 5th November 2022 Written Update: Ratna supports Sonam to become Nityam’s wife


Saavi Ki Savaari 5th November 2022 Written Update On

Episode begins with Nityam asks Ananya that if she is feeling cold. Ananya nods at him. Saavi is about to give her duppata to her. Nityam switch off the car AC saying that she should have informed him earlier. He asks her that if they started the agarbatti contract. Saavi asks him that why they have to meet at 6pm. He says that they have to finish few paper work for honeymoon. She gets shocked hearing him. He murmurs to her that he thought she must be happy after hearing about this luxury holidays. She tells him that she don’t want to leave the city. She thinks that she has to help her family.

She asks him to stop the car saying that she will go by walking from there. He asks her that why it looks like she don’t want him to enter her house. He asks her that what’s the matter. Ananya tells him that they are not hiding anything from him. Saavi reminds Nityam about his meeting. He picks Kiran’s call and tells him that he will reach the office in 10 minutes and disconnects the call. Ananya get off the car.

Nityam asks Saavi to not come today evening if she did not come then honeymoon package will be cancelled automatically. Saavi tells him that she really don’t want to go for honeymoon but she gave her words to Vedika. He tells her that she is really cunning. She get off the car.

On the other hand, Sonam searches Saavi’s passport. Brijesh tells Ratna that they don’t have any other choice than using that gold necklace. Ratna tells him that her mother gave that gold necklace for Ananya so she won’t give it. Sonam says that they can’t solve the problem like this. Nutan says that they can’t use that gold necklace. Ratna says that she is worried about Ananya’s future. Saavi asks that what’s happening. Ananya says that she told everything to Saavi.

Ratna says that she won’t let anyone sell Ananya’s gold necklace. Saavi asks that how can they sell that. She tells Brijesh that she will do something to return the advance. Brijesh tells her that she don’t have any rights to involve in the family matters now. He says that he is still alive to take care of this family. He threatens to cut off all ties with Ratna if she don’t give gold necklace then. Ratna takes the gold necklace and leaves the house.

On the other hand, Rajan asks Nityam that why the latter called him. Nityam offers job to him. Rajan accepts the offer. Sonam tells Saavi to take rest. She says that she will find Saavi’s passport. Saavi tells her that where is her passport. Sonam finds the passport file and gives it to her. She steals the passport and gives file to her.

Shivam learns that Drilogy is Dillu. He wonders that why Sonam’s uncle framed him. Meanwhile, Sonam burns Saavi’s passport. Ratna sees that. She says that she will help Sonam to become Nityam’s wife. Saavi leaves the house with file.

Episode ends.

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