Saavi Ki Savaari 5th October 2022 Written Update: Nutan tells horoscope truth to Vedika


Saavi Ki Savaari 5th October 2022 Written Update on

Episode begins with Saavi recalls Shivam’s words. Sonam tells Saavi that Nutan calling so bridal team would have arrived. She thanks her for the help. She says that she has to get ready as bride. Saavi tells her that the latter should not marry Nityam if she love Shivam then. On the other hand, Ratna tells herself that Sonam should get married to Nityam no matter what. Nutan asks her that where is Sonam. Ratna tells her that Sonam will come.

Sonam tells Saavi to forget what she said to Shivam. She says that she gave commitment to Nityam and she will marry him. Saavi tells her that Shivam won’t let this marriage happen. Sonam tells her that she will handle Shivam. She asks her to think what their family will face if this truth came out then. She warns her to not tell anyone about Shivam and leaves from there.

Nityam tells Kiran that media should cover the event very well. Thasu tells Nityam that he love Sonam so much. He tells her that it’s PR. He says that world will see Mr and Mrs Dalmia together first time so nothing can go wrong. She asks him that if he can see anything else than loss and profit. He tells her that he is not thinking about Sonam at all because Sonam is in front of him. He goes to Sonam. Meanwhile, Saavi recalls Maha Pandit ji words. She also recalls that what Sonam said to Shivam.

Nityam asks Sonam that if she did not get ready yet. Sonam thanks him for trusting her always. She says that she can’t wait to be his wife. He tells her that he have something to tell her. He apologizes to her for not giving enough time to their relationship. He says that he know they are perfect together. She tells him that she is stressed little bit. He asks her that what’s bothering her.

Nutan tells Saavi to get ready. She says that they have just an hour for marriage. She asks her that what happened. Saavi cries hugging her. Nutan tells her to not hide the truth. Saavi tells her that this truth may break many thing. Nutan tells her to not worry about consequences. Saavi thinks that only Sonam should tell about Shivam to Nutan.

She tells her that Sonam’s horoscope is not matching with Nityam’s horoscope. Nutan gets shocked hearing her. She asks her that why the latter saying like this. Saavi tells her about Maha Pandit ji words. Nutan learns that Nityam’s horoscope is rare one like Saavi’s horoscope. She tells her that the latter’s horoscope is rare one. She realises that horoscopes got swapped. She tells her that they should tell the truth to Vedika.

Sonam tells Ratna that she handled Shivam. She goes to get ready. Vedika talks to Maha Pandit ji about Sonam’s horoscope. Saavi and Nutan comes there. Vedika asks Nutan to give Sonam’s birth details to Maha Pandit ji. Nutan tells her that Nityam and Sonam’s horoscope don’t match. She says that Sonam’s horoscope is not rare one.

Episode ends.

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