Saavi Ki Savaari 7th October 2022 Written Update: Nityam agrees to marry Saavi


Saavi Ki Savaari 7th October 2022 Written Update on

Episode begins with media reporters report about Nityam’s marriage. On the other hand, Nutan tells Vedika that Goyal family will stand with her when the latter announces the cancellation of this marriage. Vedika tells her that she is not cancelling Nityam’s marriage. She says that Nityam’s marriage will happen Saavi. Goyal family gets shocked hearing her. Vedika says that Nityam won’t get a better life partner than Saavi according to their horoscopes. Nutan asks her that what the latter saying. Vedika says that Nityam and Saavi are destined to live together. She recalls that how Maha Pandit ji said that Saavi born for Nityam and today their marriage should happen or else Nityam will face many problems and he may even die. He tells her that it’s destiny game. 

Vedika tells Nutan that she know it won’t be easy for them. She says that she is ready to forgive their mistake. She says that she will answer the world, because nothing matters for her than her family and Nityam. She asks Saavi that if the latter will become Nityam’s wife. Saavi tells her that she can’t marry Nityam. She tells her that many priests said to Nutan that her horoscope is rare one so it won’t get matched with other horoscope easily. So she decided to live her life according to her principles. She says that she is not the type of girl whom Nityam want to marry. She says that she is not like Sonam at all. She says that her auto and her family is her life. She tells her that the latter will get better girl than her. She says that Nityam hate her so this marriage is not possible.

Vedika tells her that all this happening because of Goyal family’s mistake. She says that Nityam will suffer because of their mistake. Meanwhile, Ratna clicks Sonam’s photos. She tells her about Nutan’s missed calls. Sonam tells her that she will talk to Nutan later. She asks her to click good photos. 

Vedika tells Saavi that she won’t get another girl for Nityam. She says that Saavi is Nityam’s soulmate according to their horoscopes. She says that she can’t change destiny’s game. She asks Nutan that if the latter can change the destiny. Nutan tells Saavi that they have to rectify their mistake. She says that horoscopes won’t lie. She says that God choosed Saavi for Nityam. Brijesh tells Saavi that Nutan is right.

Nutan tells Saavi that the latter will get good mother in law like Vedika. She asks her that why the latter refusing to marry Nityam. Saavi tells her that Nityam won’t agree to marry her. She says that they are different kind of personalities. Vedika tells Saavi that Nityam never go against her decision. She says that Nityam agreed to marry Saavi. She recalls that how she convinced Nityam to marry Saavi. She promises to Nutan that Saavi will live like her daughter in Dalmia house. Nutan tells her that she trust her. 

Episode ends. 

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