Saavi Ki Savaari 8th March 2023 Written Update: Dimpy tries to stop Saavi and Nityam’s divorce


Saavi Ki Savaari 8th March 2023 Written Update on

Episode begins with Nityam thanks Mohan for bringing food. He tells Vedika that they should eat. Vedika tells Mohan to take the food inside. Saavi goes to help Mohan. Mohan tells her that he entered the house and he should get job now. He asks her that what she will do once lawyer comes. She tells him that she has a plan to stop the divorce. Nityam comes there and asks them to share the secret with him. Saavi tells him that they were deciding the menu. Nityam leaves from there. Mohan realises that Saavi is acting and he asks her that if she is acting like she is intoxicated to stay beside Nityam. Saavi tells him that this cheating is fine. Nityam drags Saavi with him and he dances with her.

Mohan thinks that Saavi did so much for him and he should help her now. Dimpy thinks that Saavi can’t cancel the divorce by dancing with Nityam like this. She says that she can’t wait for Saavi’s plan so she has to do something.

Nutan and Rishikesh comes there. Himesh comes there and says that he want to investigate Rishikesh. Vedika asks him to stop it. Rishikesh asks Vedika about the value of the house. Himesh takes Rishikesh from there. Vedika tells Nutan that she is glad the latter has arrived to support Saavi. She says that she is not able to do anything. Nutan tells her that the latter supported Saavi always.

In the kitchen, Dimpy lies to Girdhar that she saw rats. She asks him to bring rat poison. Girdhar gets shocked hearing her. He gives rat poison to her and leaves from there.

Saavi hugs Nutan. Nityam comes there and asks Saavi that why she left without informing him. Vedika tells Nutan that Nityam is an intoxicated state. Nityam apologizes to Nutan if he did anything wrong then. He takes Saavi from there. He tells her that they should apply color on Thasvi’s face.

Dimpy mixes rat poison in the juice. Himesh informs Rishikesh about Saavi and Nityam’s divorce. Rishikesh asks him that what Saavi is getting after the divorce. Himesh tells her that Saavi is getting so much. Dimpy tells Himesh to drink the juice. But Himesh refuses to drink it and tells her that he is on a mission with Rishikesh.

Nityam plays with Saavi. He talks about her. Saavi tells him that he must love Saavi or hate her that’s why he is talking about Saavi always. He tells her that it’s impossible that he love Saavi. Kiran comes there and takes Nityam with him.

Everyone sits to eat. Mohan explains about menu. Nityam starts singing and dancing again. Vedika makes him sit. Nityam eats food. Saavi tells him that the moments they shared today will give her strength to fight for their relationship.

Nityam asks Mohan that where the latter worked before. Dalimias likes the taste of food. They talks about hiring Mohan as chef. Nityam becomes normal and goes to meet the lawyer. Dimpy thinks that Himesh did not drink the juice yet.

Episode ends.

Precap – Saavi tries to hurt her hand to postpone the divorce. Himesh faints.

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