Saavi Ki Savaari 9th March 2023 Written Update: Saavi saves Himesh’s life


Saavi Ki Savaari 9th March 2023 Written Update On

Episode begins with Mohan stops Nityam. He asks him to have sweet and go. Nityam asks him that if the latter did not leave yet. Mohan gives pineapple cake to him. Nityam starts eating the cake. He hires Mohan as chef and asks him to make pineapple cake once in a week and leaves from there. Mohan thinks that he know Nityam’s taste very well.

Meanwhile, Himesh tells Rishikesh that Saavi will get crores of money after divorce and he won’t get a single penny. Dimpy asks Himesh to drink juice. Himesh drinks it and tells her that he can even drink poison today. Girdhar tells them that Uma Devi called them because lawyer has arrived. Dimpy and Himesh leaves from there. Rishikesh calls someone and tells that person that they should make new plan, because Saavi is getting crores of money after divorce.

Lawyer tells Dalmias that he prepared will papers. Rishikesh praises Saavi in his mind. Nutan murmurs to Saavi to not sign on these papers. Saavi nods at her mother. Lawyer says that Saavi has to sign on the divorce papers after signing on the will papers. Dimpy wonders that why poison is not working still.

Devraj is about to sign on the will papers. Saavi stops Devraj. She says that she want to thank God because she is going to become rich and leaves from there. She decides to hurt her hand. She says that she don’t want half of Nityam’s property but she want to stay beside Nityam always. Himesh faints. Saavi is about to hurt her hand but stops hearing Dimpy’s scream. Dimpy lies that Himesh said Saavi is snatching his rights from him so he will consume poison. And it looks like Himesh consumed poison. She tells Kiran to bring Dr. Sabarwal. Kiran informs her that Dr. Sabarwal left for house already. She thinks that she planned this thinking Dr. Sabarwal is there and she gets worried.

Saavi says that she will make Himesh vomit. Nityam stops her and scolds her. She asks him that if he want to lose Himesh too like Shivam. And doctors are not picking the call due to holi festival. Nutan and Mohan says that Saavi is right. Saavi gives salt water to Himesh. Dimpy tells Thasvi to keep calling the doctor. Himesh vomits. He loses his consciousness. Mohan says that Himesh is weak now. Uma Devi blames Saavi for Himesh’s decision.

Later, Rishikesh asks Nutan that how can she let Saavi live in Dalmia house when Saavi is not happy in that house. He says that Dalmias blamed Saavi for everything. And Saavi is doing right by asking alimony from Nityam. Sonam tells him that she is not with him. She says that she is with Nutan and Brijesh.

Episode ends.

Precap – Dimpy tells her plan to Himesh. Saavi tells Mohan that Himesh is not the person who can consume poison so they have to prove that. Mohan attempts to prove Himesh did not try to kill himself.