Saavi Ki Savaari Upcoming Story: Nityam to decide to not give alimony to Saavi!


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Colors TV show Saavi Ki Savaari features Samridhi Shukla as Saavi and Farman Haider as Nityam in the lead roles. This is the story of the girl who drives auto to lead her family. Now, Nityam decides to not give alimony to Saavi due to Rishikesh’s threat so it will be interesting to watch that what going to happen in the future episodes.

Earlier its seen that, Nityam and Mohan ate snack from roadside shop. Mohan dropped Nityam at his office. Nityam told him that this is not looking like co-incidence.

Mohan told him that Saavi asked him to do all this because Nityam was stressed nowadays. Later, Sonam reached Dalmia house and she recognized Mohan. She took his phone and called Saavi. She informed her that Ratna and Rishikesh went to Nityam’s office to threaten Nityam.

Meanwhile, Rishikesh threatened to give domestic violence case against Nityam. Nityam held Rishikesh’s collar. Ratna recorded that. She told Nityam to fulfill Saavi’s demand or else recording will reach media people. Nityam told them that he know to answer Saavi’s false accusations. They left from there. Saavi came there.

In the upcoming episode, Nityam will tell lawyer that he won’t give a single penny as alimony to Saavi but he want divorce at any cost. He will ask him to do whatever the latter can do. Dimpy will hear everything. Later, Nityam will question Saavi. He will want to check her phone.

Will Saavi give her phone to Nityam? Will Dimpy take advantage of Nityam’s decision?

All these questions will be answered in the upcoming episodes.

To know what will happen next in your favourite show Saavi Ki Savaari, stay tuned to this space.