Saavi Ki Savaari Upcoming Story: Nityam to threaten Sonam!


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Colors TV show Saavi Ki Savaari features Samridhi Shukla as Saavi and Farman Haider as Nityam in the lead roles. This is the story of the girl who drives auto to lead her family. Now, Sonam gets exposed in front of family so it will be interesting to watch that what going to happen in the future episodes.

Earlier its seen that, Nutan got worried thinking that Sonam became like this because she did not give good upbringing to her daughter. She missed her husband. Goyal family consoled her. Vedika gave family necklace to Saavi. She said Uma devi gave this necklace to her when she was pregnant. Sonam saw this. She hired a hitman with Bhura’s help.

Saavi’s baby shower ceremony beginned. Elders performed the rituals and everyone danced. Hitman hold knife near Saavi’s neck. He ordered her to give her jewels. Sonam recalled that how she told him to act like theif and push Saavi.

Nityam rescued Saavi. Hitman said he won’t leave without finishing his work and he throw the knife to kill Saavi but it moved towards Sonam. So Saavi came in between to save Sonam.

In the upcoming episode, Raksham will reveal that Sonam is behind the attack. Nityam will tell Sonam that he will forget Sonam is Saavi’s sister if anything happened to Saavi and baby then. Doctor will tell him that Saavi gave birth to baby girl.

Did Sonam realised her mistake? Will Saavi forgive Sonam?

All these questions will be answered in the upcoming episodes.

To know what will happen next in your favourite show Saavi Ki Savaari, stay tuned to this space.