Saavi Ki Savaari Upcoming Story: Saavi to sleep in the kitchen!


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Colors show Saavi Ki Savaari features Samridhi Shukla as Saavi and Farman Haider as Nityam in the lead roles. This is the story of the girl who drives auto to lead her family. Now, Saavi got new responsibility so it will be interesting to watch that what going to happen in the future episodes.

Earlier its seen that, Saavi told everyone about their duties. Vedika said that Saavi doing the difficult duties. Nityam left the house saying that he can’t participate in the puja. Saavi convinced him to stay in the house. Nityam informed Kiran that he will do work by staying in the house today.

Sonam thanked Dimpy for pendrive. Dimpy told her to impress Nityam today too. Other side, Goyal family got happy that they bought food ingredients for one month. Brijesh praised Saavi’s idea of giving the auto to Raju for rent.

Nutan informed them that Vedika invited them for puja. Sonam told her that she will go. Meanwhile, Saavi arranged everything for puja. Everyone waited for Saavi. Sonam came there. Saavi brought flowers.

Priest praised Saavi. Dimpy deliberately put oinion when making pulav. She convinced Saavi to make pulav again. She told Sonam that she won’t let Saavi take rest. Saavi thought 2-4pm is her rest time. She drank the tea which Nityam made for his guests. She made tea and brought it. Nityam saw her mixing lot of sugar in the tea.

In the upcoming episode, Nityam will scold Saavi for trying to insult him before his guests. He will realise that she is sleeping. He will pick her up and make her lay down on their bed and cover her with blanket. Sonam will get jealous seeing that.

What Sonam will do now? Did Saavi made pulav?

All these questions will be answered in the upcoming episodes.

To know what will happen next in your favourite show Saavi Ki Savaari, stay tuned to this space.