Saavi Ki Sawaari 1st October 2022 Written Update: Shivam gets out of jail


Saavi Ki Sawaari 1st October 2022 Written Update on

Episode begins with Saavi and Nityam taunts each other. He asks her that why she is not sleeping in her room at this time. She reminds him about his repay. He tells her that he know that she will come to ask this one day. She tells him that she need help but not for herself. She says that she knows a person who is in indore jail now. She tells him that she wants a good lawyer. He tells her that he won’t help a criminal. She asks him that if he won’t help if he had big brother. She says that Shivam is really good person and no one can save Shivam later. He asks her to fight her brother’s case. She tells him that he can’t back off. He tells her that she can’t force him. She tells him that she is just requesting him. She teaches him to prepare haldi. She prepares haldi. He tells her that she interferes in others matters always. She asks him to decide he will repay or not. They prepares haldi together. He asks her to stop it. She tells him that she prepared this for Sonam’s happiness. She says that he need not to help her if he don’t want to help then. He tells her that he will repay.

Next day, Vedika tells Dada and Dadi that Nityam prepared haldi. She says that Swamiji reached indore. She tells them that he is coming to bless Nityam and Sonam.

On the other hand, haldi ceremony begins. Sonam dances with everyone. She asks Nutan to not cry. Saavi picks police inspector’s call and learns that Shivam got out of jail. She thanks him. She starts dancing with everyone. Dalmias comes there. Vedika tells Nityam that she gets happy just seeing Saavi’s face. She asks Sonam that why Saavi is so happy today.

Meanwhile, Shivam gets out of jail. He recalls the moments he shared with Sonam. He listens Krishna’s voice message and learns that Sonam getting married. He recalls that how Sonam ignored him and his calls.

Vedika applies haldi on Nityam’s face. Ananya applies haldi on Sonam’s face. Sonam and Nityam smiles by looking at each other. Ratna notices that Shivam calling Sonam and she tells about it to Sonam. She asks her that how can Shivam call from jail. Sonam asks her that what if Shivam escaped from jail. She tells her that she has to pick Shivam’s video call or else he can do anything. Ratna spills juice on Sonam’s dress deliberately and she takes Sonam from there. Vedika says that Saavi’s face glowing. Nutan agrees with her.

Sonam attends Shivam’s call. She tells him that Krishna lied to him. She says that her sister getting married today. Shivam asks her that how can he believe her. He tells her that he is coming to malva resort. He says that he will kill her if she betrayed him then. He shows the gun to her. She drops the phone in fear.

Episode ends.

Precap – Shivam points gun at Sonam. Saavi sees that. Swamiji tells Vedika that Nityam and Sonam’s marriage can’t happen. Vedika asks Saavi to decide because it’s her horoscope who matched with Nityam’s horoscope. Saavi gets ready as bride.

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