Sanjivani 10th February : Rahil humiliates NV Singh

Sanjivani 10th February 2020 Upcoming Story and Twist on

The episode begins with Ishaani sitting mad on her bed while Bebe comes there with a coffee for both. She tries lifting her disposition and asks her what happened. Ishaani says about her placing Sid’s life at risk once more. Bebe asks her to calm down and provides support for her. She says about the celebration going on in the evening.

Ishaani says it does not seem right to have a celebration at such circumstance. However Bebe convinces her to prepare beautifully for the party and forget about what happened. Ishaani tries avoiding the celebration but Bebe compels her to attend it. She dresses up her beautifully and compliments her beauty.

The guests come home while NV greets them. Rahil is still fuming over NV but Rishab controls him. NV first thanks everyone for attending the celebration and thanks everybody individually for their important contribution for Sanjivani.

NV makes the announcement he’s opening a fund for all of the physicians and staffs in Sanjivani to receive any time of the needs fulfilled be it education or home etc.. Then he waits for Ishaani and Ishaani comes out dressed magnificent. NV gets lost in her and they both begins dancing romantically but it turned out to be NV’s dream.

Ishaani comes there and greets everybody but Rahil is still mad at her. NV gives a present to everybody as a token of thanks to their work. They open it to find car keys and Rishab gets elated. Ishaani also makes it but she denies it. She makes a shocking statement that she do not like to operate in Sanjivani and thus she does not deserve the gift.

Ishaani states that she did not do her job as a physician with sincerity and thus she does not deserve to be called a physician. She admits that she quits her job much to everyone’s shock.

Rahil having had sufficient goes to NV and begins humiliating him. He blames him for covering up his wife’s mistakes by bribing them with funds and automobile.

Rahil claims that if other physician does any mistake then they’ll be penalized while if his wife does not have any error then others will be bribed to keep their mouth shut. Rahil says thar first his wife will throw Sid from Sanjivani but then afterwards keeps him in her own home. Later on she’ll move him to a location where organ selling occurs.

Eventually she would try killing him and for all her these errors they’ll be bribed to keep their mouth shut. He calls them greedy and asks others if they actually need this gift within Sid’s life. All of them throw down the keys mad at NV Singh. Rishab half heartedly drops it also on Rahil’s insistence


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