Sanjivani 12th February : NV persuades Ishaani to follow the right

sanjivani upcoming story, Latest Gossips, News and Twist
sanjivani upcoming story, Latest Gossips, News and Twist

Sanjivani 12th February 2020 Upcoming Story and Twist on

The episode begins with Ishaani requesting NV to provide divorce to her. NV is sitting alone and recalls the time he met Ishaani. He keeps explaining about himself but she did not say a word. Afterwards he recalls their time after marriage. Ishaani provides him divorce papers and asks him to sign it as she’s already signed it. Age states that she can’t offer any joy of a wife to him and asks him to give divorce for her. She leaves keeping it within the side table and leaves.

NV is holding the divorce papers and states Ishaani he won’t take any decision in haste. He sees Ishaani coming and instantly keeps it back in the table. Ishaani comes there and finds him sitting at the end of the bed. She only gets on the bed and goes to sleep.

Bebe is performing exercise in the morning when she receives a call. She asks servant about NV and Ishaani who states they are out early morning without even getting their breakfast. She wonders where they would have gone. On the other hand Rahil is assessing Sid’s vitals and finds it stable. He has relieved when Rishab comes there. He asks where is Ishaani but Rahil is interested about her.

Rahil says Rishab that it has already 24 hours because operation and Sid should have been back to consciousness by then. Ishaani and NV are in the vehicle and Ishaani wonders where he’s taking her. Sid starts muttering Ishaani’s title and Rahil calls Ishaani but NV cuts the telephone. Rahil gets angry at both Ishaani and NV again. He says he’s sufficient to care for his friend. Rishab claims that do not think psychological as Ishaani is required to bring Sid back to consciousness.

Ishaani and NV comes to Gurudwar where NV is shining shoes. Ishaani too joins him perplexed and asks why they are here. NV states that when he was young somebody stole his sneakers and kn anger he hided everybody’s shoes. Then Bebe made him understand that incorrect van be defeated solely by good and they should not carry hatred in your heart. He asks her not to carry hatred to as she loves Sid. He says she needs to take the hatred away out of her heart. He inquires will she able to do it and Ishaani appears on wondering what to chose.

Bebe gets informed of Sid’s condition and she rushes there. Sid begins sinking while Rahil shouts at her for NV and Ishaani not maintaining their words. NV cones there and says that Dr. Ishaani is here. Ishaani comes from behind and finds Sid calling her name. She gets teary eyed seeing him.