Sanjivani 13th February : Ishaani in a tough situation due to Sid

sanjivani upcoming story, Latest Gossips, News and Twist
sanjivani upcoming story, Latest Gossips, News and Twist

Sanjivani 13th February 2020 Written Updatea ( Upcoming Story ) on

The episode Begins with Rishab and Rahil Requesting Ishaani to come near Rishab. Ishaani remains hesitant about it. NV takes the mannat fabric and reminds Ishaani of her weakness and strength. Ishaani takes slow steps and goes towards Sid.

NV keeps her hands over Sid’s hand and retains the mannat fabric on their hand. Sid gets calls and consciousness Ishaani. Rishab checks strikes senses but he does not respond. He asks Ishaani to test for his or her senses. NV supports her and Ishaani asks can he feel anything. Sid holds her hand in response and nods his head. Rahil and Rishab urges her to keep on speaking with Sid.

Ishaani looks at NV for assistance and he asks her to continue. She reveals three hands in front of him and asks how far it is. Sid does not respond. Ishaani states his eye ball second could recognize the fingers but could not pronounce it yet. Ishaani is about to depart when Sid holds her hands tightly shocking her. NV fists his hand viewing it while Bebe takes NV aside. She asks him that Sid has got aware and what is the demand for Ishaani to be still there.

NV claims that Ishaani wad under melancholy all this while and the one thing that could offer her peace is Sid’s answers to her questions. He asks her to stay calm and goes back. Rishab claims that thankfully the overdose did not affect Sid’s nervous system. NV asks him to act in ICU and maintain dignity while Rishab shuts.

Ishaani points in Rahil and asks if he can recognise him and Sid identifies him. Then he identifies Dr. Rishab and Nurse Philo too. Sid says that Vardhan is outside of the way all of a sudden. Rahil asks did he recall going away to America. Sid says that Vardhan has gone to jail and no one can separate him and Ishaani.

They gets shocked on understanding that Sid only recalls till Vardhan’s arrest and Ishaani gets stunned. She recalls saying NV that after she sees Sid the only thing that she wants to ask is why dud he move leaving her and what is her mistake. She gets hyper in the fact that Sid forgot about everything following Vardhan’s arrest. She takes her hands away from him and runs from the ward while Bebe runs after her. Sid’s vital stops falling with Ishaani’s sudden exit and Rishab instructs Nurse Philo to sedate Sid.

At meeting room Rahil, Rishab, Ishaani and NV exist. Rahil taunts Ishaani for running away and states that for time being they have sedated him but it lasted for long. Rishab asks Ishaani to collaborate as she is the only person to whom he reacts. Ishaani sits idle.