Sanjivani 18th February : Ishaani accuses Ratan for being egoistic

sanjivani upcoming story, Latest Gossips, News and Twist
sanjivani upcoming story, Latest Gossips, News and Twist

Sanjivani 18th February 2020 Upcoming Story and Twist on

The episode begins with Ishaani attempting to inquire about the responses from Sid while Rahil worries for Sid’s condition. NV diverts Ishaani and tries hard not to let her reveal the facts. He begs her not to ask anything. Rahil too convinces her to the same. Ishaani says Sid that he is weak today and will discuss things after. Ishaani is about to depart when Sid catches her hands to her shock. He asks if he did anything wrong and why is she keeping space . Ishaani struggles with his signature bnd immediately runs off.

NV handles Sid stating that he ordered all this as after 3 years he combined with his love and everybody claps for his return. Sid is concerned about Ishaani staying away from him NV promises him that he’ll make Ishaani agree as she is his responsibility. Sid keeps identifying Ishaani as his while Bebe gets disgusted in the scenario. NV leaves the location while Rahil asks Sid what he desires. Sid asks for vada pav and Rahil smiles.

Ishaani comes out and finds green chillies with vada pav on the table. She recalls the minutes and begins having them one by one. Bebe sees it and asks Ishaani what she is doing. She asks her not to trouble herself while Ishaani claims that NV is bothering her with Sid. She yells while Bebe hugs her and consoles her. She asks why is he doing this. They go to NV’s cottage to find Nv with Rahil and other physician. All of them talk about Sid’s condition.

NV says Rahil to be certain everyone in the hospital should conceal the reality to Sid that Ishaani is his spouse. Rahil apologizes NV because of his earlier behaviour and thanks him for working hard for Sid’s condition. He blames Ishaani for not half knowing as he is. NV is going to encourage Ishaani but he finds her near the door. Ishaani runs away.

Ishaani comes home and have her depression pills. NV comes there and Ishaani says ghat she has understood his game plan. She states that when he arrived for her alliance she’s obviously said about Dr. Sid and her meeting him for her Mama and Maami who suffered so much for her. She asked him not to say yes for the union but still he jumped with the union.

However shortly she gave divorce documents but he refused signing them stating that he wishes to save this connection. She states that all this is only a game plan of him to satisfy his ego. He wishes to make the impossible possible with her that did not happen. She blames him for being a crooked mind and yells insults at him.