sanjivani upcoming story, Latest Gossips, News and Twist
sanjivani upcoming story, Latest Gossips, News and Twist

Sanjivani 2 21st February 2020 Upcoming Story and Twist on

The episode begins with Bebe hearing regarding the divorce. NV and Ishaani tries consoling her stating her not to worry but Bebe claims she can not keep calm knowing that her children’s marriage is at stake. She requests Ishaani to keep her hands on her head and say the truth.

Ishaani agrees that she can not lie her and says that it is the truth. Bebe cries when Ishaani states that she believes her like her mom. Bebe claims that she is only calling her namesake mother but does not value it. Ishaani states that it is not like that when physician comes there.

He states that Bebe’s condition is normal now and they’re able to take her residence. NV asks bebe to not worry herself and asks her to break as everything will be okay. Sid recalls his minutes with Ishaani when Rahil makes him his coffee. He recalls Ishaani making coffee for him in the past

NV is drunk and requires Ishaani. He blabbers that she’s gone and begs her not to go. He asks her to provide the divorce documents that stands like a snake in their relationship. He tears a magazine imagining it to be the divorce documents.

He hurts himself when Ishaani comes there. She discovers his injured hand hurt and gets shocked. She scolds him for hurting himself and dresses his wounds. NV says he’s happy that she is real and kisses her hands. He states that she always hated him and there was only hatred in their relation.

She thinks he’s a terrible person. He asks why does she believes him to be a terrible person. She puts him bed and is going to go but NV holds her hands. He confesses his love to her and says her not to to go away from him Ishaani did not hear his confession as she’s already left.

Next day morning NV wakes up and is going to drink water but Ishaani stops him. He gets upset and asks if he wants her consent to drink water. Ishaani claims that Bebe wants both of them to maintain vrath for Mahashivratri and she is doing it for Bebe.

She asks him to give his response for divorce before leaves and evening. Ishaani is preparing Shivling and Bebe is making the arrangements. NV comes there dressed in white kurta and Bebe praises him. She asks him to stay home and says she has cancelled all of his encounters.

She asks him to help Ishaani in creating Shivling. Ishaani says Bebe she already know about their divorce and nothing can change it. Bebe days that until divorce occurs they’re husband and wife and nothing could alter it. The two Ishaani and NV stays for making Shivling but shortly NV leaves irritated.