Sanjivani 2 25th February : NV SAVES ISHAANI

sanjivani upcoming story, Latest Gossips, News and Twist
sanjivani upcoming story, Latest Gossips, News and Twist

Sanjivani 2 25th February 2020 Upcoming Story and Twist on

The episode begins with Ishaani coming home confused about NV’s behavior. She’s sure he’s hiding something and wonders what it is. Bebe greets her and shares her joy about NV finding the best doctor for Sid. She says that she’s googled about Mehta and is extremely happy that Ratan attracted him to heal Sid.

Ishaani agrees and states that it is really tricky to get Mr. Mehta’s appointment. Ishaani needs to thank and wonders . She decides to make pakoras for him as he enjoys it. She asks for Bebe’s help as she does not know to cook. Bebe believes that this is the ideal way to bring Ishaani and NV closer and acts like she is not well and leaves to her room.

Ishaani decides to do it surfing the internet. She makes everything prepared for making pakoras. NV comes there. He gets amazed at seeing Ishaani in kitchen. Ishaani states she want to thank him with pakoras for bringing Mr. Mehta.

NV feels guilty for hiding about Sid’s real condition to Ishaani. He decides to show it to her shortly. He begins making coffee with pakoras. NV makes coffe while Ishaani makes pakoras.

Ishaani after finishing takes the pakoras to table. She discovers Sid’s record and takes it and starts reading it. She understands that Sid can never be treated and she gets stunned. She seems to be cheated by NV. She calls him betrayer and asks if he consented to give divorce because he understands that Sid can never be treated. She panics and blames NV for cheating her.

NV tries describing but she does not listen and runs off. She says to herself that everyone is cheating on her. First it is Sid and now NV. She decides to go far away from the people. She starts feeling dizzy. NV runs hunting Ishaani and inquires about her to everyone but none appears to know.

Ishaani walks despite becoming dizzy. She discovers a car approaching her but she could not move. NV sees it and saves her in the nick of time. He states that how can she di this as without her there is nothing in his lifetime. He asks her just ti find her unconscious. He picks her up and rushes to hospital.

He belongs to Sanjivani and admits. Rahil asks what happened however, NV asks him to treat her first. Rahil asks him to not to panic and tests on Ishaani.

Sid is in his wheel chair walking on the corridor on his way to possess vada pav. He finds NV and Rahil treating someone but could not see their face and leaves. Rahil asks NV to not to panic because she just fainted because of stress and blood pressure. He says that she is going to be alright soon. He gets amazed seeing the serene NV so much hyper about Ishaani.

Dr. Mehta comes there and NV requires him to cottage to not disturb Ishaani. He says he has tried all possible methods but nothing can save Sid. NV thinks it shouldn’t occur as if Sid does not get cured then Ishaani’s hope will get ruined.