Sanjivani 2 26th February : NV bears Ishaani’s hatred

sanjivani upcoming story, Latest Gossips, News and Twist
sanjivani upcoming story, Latest Gossips, News and Twist

Sanjivani 2 26th February 2020 Upcoming Story and twist on

The episode begins with NV requesting Dr. Mehta to find some way to heal Dr. Sid as he is very critical for Sanjivani. He says he has heard of him rescuing ab70 year old individual with his complex surgery and asks him to do something like that for Dr. Sid too.

Dt. Mehta believes and says that they can do the operation but the success rate is extremely low and the operation will go on for over 24 hours. He says he needs a fantastic physician’s help in the case.

Afterwards Ishaani wakes up and recalls past events. She reveals cold shoulders to NV who apologizes and asks her to listen to once from Dr. Mehta. Dr. Mehta says about Sid’s operation and its complications. Ishaani wants to help him with the operation when Dr. Rishab and Dr. Rahil comes there.

Rishab claims that everybody knows that Ishaani isn’t mentally fit for performing any operation and he could not give such huge surgery ro her as everybody understands that she made blunders in the past surgery. NV shuts him says that Sid himself will decides who he needs to carry out his surgery.

Everybody go to Sid and explain the situation to him. Sid says nothing could happen to him when Ishaani is with him and he needs Ishaani to aid in his surgery. He says he’s trained her and she is among the greatest doctors of Sanjivani. Rishab is extremely much irked at it.

Dr. Mehta asks NV choice over it and NV asks for some time. Rishab informs Rahil that Ishaani should not do the operation and isn’t fit for it. Rahil says he won’t listen to him and he completely trusts NV’s decision. Ishaani hears it. Ishaani on her way slips and is going to fall but NV retains her time. They’ve an eyelock. Ishaani asks NV to let her perform the operation and she will not make any errors.

NV calls everybody including Dr. Mehta who states that Ishaani won’t assist him in his operation shocking Ishaani. NV comes back home and Ishaani welcomes him with arti. She taunts him for demonstrating that she is useless in front of everybody and isn’t fit to be physician.

She states that her failure is his success and congratulates him. She states that it is him who always wanted her to become a great doctor but now he has murdered the chances and leaves angrily at him. Bebe sees it and asks why did he do this. Nv says her about Ishaani’s blood test reports that’s done by Rahil.

The reports says that Ishaani’s blood is mixed with a lot of anti depression pills which she is mentally not fit to take any case at this time. Her blood is mixed with too much of medication. Bebe gets shocked hearing it. Afterwards Ishaani finds NV sitting on the sofa and challenges him to prove himself able to do the operation and will definitely do it. NV believes that he too needs the same.