Sanjivani 2 6th March 2020: Nv exposes Rishab

Sanjivani 2 6th March 2020 Upcoming Story and Twist on

The episode begins with Ishaani getting shocked when Rishab states that there is bleeding in the inner organ. Ishaani takes it over and immediately clears it economically and closes NV. She sighs in relief the operation got completed successfully. NV is in ward and Ishaani comes there. Rahil reads the reports to NV and says that everything is fine and there is nothing to worry.

NV gets happy and says that eventually he’s decided that who must help Mr. Mehta in the operation. He asks his telephone from Rahil. Ishaani tries stopping him but he carried on. He speaks to Mr. Mehta concerning the operation and is going to say that his choice when Rishab cuts him iff. He says that he has something to say.

NV cuts the telephone and Rishab claims that not everything is appropriate. Rahil says he has assessed Bebe’s reports and everything is fine. Rishab states that it is not about Bebe however NV where Ishaani has committed a blunder that could risk his life.

Ishaani gets shocked hearing it and asks how’s it feasible as she is sure she did not commit any error. Rahil asks how can she do this while Ishaani stands devastated. Rishab badmouths Ishaani but NV cuts him off and says he wants to demonstrate a footage. He shows the footage of ot and everyone becomes shocked if Rishab in his right mind making a mistake.

NV claims that after Sid’s surgery chaos he’s installed cctv in ot and asks him to reveal the truth about Sid’s operation blunder too so he would be given a chance. Rishab agrees that Sid’s operation mistake is accomplished by him and so as to escape it he’s put the jar in Ishaani’s coat.

Ishaani gets angry and slaps him. She gets angry at him and Rahil tries consoling him but he could not. NV yells her to stop and she promptly leaves. Rishab begs facing NV to forgive because he did all of this ro proceed in his career. NV claims that the board assembly members will pick it and asks him to leave. He leaves and Sid makes his entrance.

Sid says he has determined who would assist his operation and says it is going to be Ishaani. He states that he trusts her and his coaching. He also states that if something happens to him also he can take his last breath with Ishaani by his side.

NV calls Mehta and states about Ishaani helping him. He decides to di the operation next and NV guarantees that everything will be ready the following day. Ishaan recalls NV’s trust on her and how he removed her name from Rishab. She feels gratitude. She belongs to Bebe’s room only to find NV and Bebe chatting. She scolds them and changes NV to his bed.

They call her very impolite and Ishaani places a screen between them. They both makes adorable apology faces and so she eliminates it. She calls them carbon copy of each other. Bebe gets emit that Ishaani will leave them shortly but NV diverts the mind. Ishaani wants to remain with Bebe as its a big day for her tomorrow and NV agrees.

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