SANJIVANI : Ishaani and Rahil rush to save Sid’s life.

sanjivani upcoming story, Latest Gossips, News and Twist
sanjivani upcoming story, Latest Gossips, News and Twist

SANJIVANI 3rd February 2020 Upcoming Story on

The episode begins with Ishaani coming back after admitting Sid. She comes to her house only to find Rahil and Nurse Philo in parking lot. They beg her to disclose the facts about Sid as they’re very concerned for him. Rahil states that anything happened with her and Sid is totally wrong but at the exact same time they can’t overlook that Sid is her senior who supported and encouraged her in her job. He says he’s the person who helped people in need and asks her to remember everything.

Nurse Philo too ask her to think about Shashank who has did so much for Sanjivani. They asks her to disclose the place as they wish to save Shashank’s son. At the time Rahil receives a call and gets shocked. He taunts Ishaani for always putting Sid’s life at risk. First sending him and admitting him at a place where penis traffic occurs. Ishaani gets shocked and they rush to the nursing home.

Sid is taken to ot to remove his organs. The senior physician waits for Dr. Tripathi to arrive to begin the operation. Ishaani, Rahil and Philo comes to the location and asks the secretary about Dr. Sid. Rahil says Ishaani he won’t ever forgive her if something happened to Dr. Sid. They see the ward boy who confessed Sid and threatens him to reveal the area of Sid. The senior physician marks his heart to begin the surgery. He is about to keep the knife when Rahil, Ishaani and Philip barges in. They thrash the physicians and shortly police arrives. Rahil asks them to send him back to Sanjivani but it is said that they have to send it to the identical place instructed by higher authorities. Rahil gets disappointed with Ishaani.

Ishaani comes home and has shocked seeing Sid there. NV claims that simply because she was self centered Sid’s life was at stake now. He asks her to believe bs a physician first. Ishaani shivers and says thar she is unaware of the forgery happening there. She says she wanted to keep him away from her and thus took him there. NV consoles her and says he can understand her. He says that if she don’t want him there then fine he’d send him back to Sanjivani. Ishaani agrees but says that she won’t visit Sanjivani ever for sure as she said. NV is going to convince her if they hear few sound outside. Bebe sneaks outside to see Bittu bringing neighbors there and asks Sid and Ishaani to act normal.

Bebe welcomes them and asks the reason for his or her birth. It is said that they came to go to NV and Ishaani. It is said that they attracted Suhag as present for Ishaani for her muh dikayi shocking them. They ask NV to use Bindi on her forehead shocking them.