Sanjog 20th September 2022 Written Update: Gopal tricks the police


Sanjog 20th September 2022 Written Update on

Episode starts with Amrita telling about Chanda to Rajeev and his family. She proclaims that their real daughter gets swapped with someone else’s daughter in the hospital. Rajeev gets furious at her and denies to believe her words. He also gets manipulated by Rajeshwari and Ranjini against Amrita. He shouts at Amrita and reveals that he is bearing her only for Tara. He proclaims that he would have given divorce to her, if Tara wasn’t in their life. Amrita gets shocked hearing about it and cries. She tries to talk to him, while he gets furious and gives a warning to her.

Here, Amrita states that she isn’t lying to them and notify about Chanda. Rajeev lashes out at her and says that if she will try to separate him from Tara, then he won’t spare her. Amrita says that she won’t let Tara to go anywhere and assures that she will raise both the girls as their own daughter. Rajeev starts shouting at her and his health gets affected.

Rajeshwari and Ranjini looks after Rajeev and makes him sit. Amrita also gets concerned and shows her care towards him, but he sends her away. Rajeshwari also proclaims that only Tara is her own granddaughter. She recalls all the incidents when Tara saved her life. She gets flashes of the time when she was about to get crushed by the chandelier but Tara saved her and the other time when snake was about to bite her, but Tara warned her and protected from the snake.

Elsewhere, Amrita recalls the time when she asked the priest to tell Rajeshwari that Tara is lucky for her, so that the latter will accept her. At that time Alok comes there and Amrita gest relieved. She ask him to tell the truth to her in-laws, while he stands there being silent. Amrita gets restless and ask about Chanda.

Amrita was about to go out in order to bring Chanda, when Alok stops her and reveals about her accident. He tells that he was following Gopal and his whole family, but their truck fall down the cliff and got blasted. He reveals that they all are dead, while Amrita gets shocked and denies to accept the truth.

Ahead, Rajeshwari takes Rajeev inside his room along with Ranjini, while Alok consoles Amrita. He suggest her to forget about Chanda, as she never saw her, but the latter denies to accept it. She proclaims that she have full trust on God and assures that he will help her to meet her daughter. At that time Tara comes there and hugs her mother. She says that she will always be with her, while Amrita smiles feeling her love.

Gopal and Gauri changes their getup and notify their family that they have to stay like this for sometimes, as the police is behind them and haven’t found their dead bodies. He recalls how Gauri threatened to kill Chanda, if Gopal will surrender to police. He reveals his plan to Gauri at that time and tells that he was just tricking the police in order to get rid of them.

Further, Gopal and his family jumps out of the truck before it falls down the cliff. Meanwhile, they decides to find a house where they can mingle and Gauri shows Amrita’s picture. The latter gets excited, whereas Ranjini tries to get close to Rajeev and instigates him against Amrita. Meanwhile, he warns his wife and ask her not to talk about Chanda anymore. Later, Ranjini and Rajeshwari instructs the servants about the work, while Amrita gets confuse about the occasion and ask about it. Ranjini gives sweets to Amrita and says that it is to give peace to Chanda, while the latter gets shocked.

The episode ends.

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