Sanjog 21st November 2022 Written Update: Amrita makes a request to Rajeshwari


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Episode starts with Gauri instigating Tara against Amrita while the latter gets afraid and acts innocent in front of her mother. She apologises to Amrita in order to win her trust and then smirk towards Gauri indicating her about their plan. Whereas, Gauri smiles evilly thinking about her motive, but Amrita gets suspicious about her. She confronts Gauri and ask about her ploy. She mocks the latter in order to make her spill the truth, but Gauri smirks and says that she doesn’t get affected by Amrita’s words. She declares that she won’t reveal anything to the latter and indirectly gives a warning to Amrita.

Here, Amrita becomes worried but determines to protect her family as well as daughters. Meanwhile, Gauri goes towards Rakshita and confronts the latter. She says that she have heard Rajeev and her conversation. She taunts Rakshita about her dull face and advice to look after herself in order to get back to Rajeev. Rakshita gets frustrated with Gauri and was about to leave but the latter stops her.

Gauri threatens to leak Rakshita and Rajeev’s video and says that the whole world will throw shame on her. Rakshita gets scared and ask her not to do it, while Gauri ask her to follow her instructions. She also warns her not to show attitude in front of her and makes her behave nicely towards her. Meanwhile, Amrita sees them together and gets doubtful about their conversation.

Elsewhere, Amrita sees Chanda trying to jump off the window and gets scared for her. She tries to stop the latter while she cries stating that she wants to meet her father. Chanda slips and falls backward while Amrita catches her. She shows her concern for the latter, while she says that Gauri prohibited her to meet Gopal.

Amrita makes Chanda understand that she can meet anyone she wants. She proclaims that her old family will always be hers in addition to the new family. The latter gets elated and shows her gratitude towards Amrita, while she convinces herself that soon Chanda will call her as mother.

Ahead, Kothari family goes to the temple to perform puja for Chanda. Tara gets jealous and puts garbage in the holy water in order to spoil the Puja, so that Tara couldn’t able to be a part of her family. The puja gets started but Tara gets shocked upon seeing her plan getting backfired. Whereas, Rajeshwari makes Chanda wear an ornament while Hera and Panna gets jealous.

Tara also insists to do the puja but Rajeshwari prohibits her. Rajeev shows his care towards Tara but Rajeshwari warns him that she can snatch the Kothari title from Tara’s name if he disobeys her. He does as per Rajeshwari’s instructions while Tara acts to be innocent in front of them, while Gauri smirks understanding her motive.

Further, Gauri reveals to everyone about Tara’s ploy and says that she was the one who exchanged the vessels to avoid any problems in the Puja. Rajeshwari lashes out at Amrita for not teaching values to Tara and appreciates Gauri’s parenting. Amrita takes a stand for herself and insists Rajeshwari to give her one chance to make Tara understand. The latter agrees and ask Amrita to look after Tara so that she can’t create any problem in the party. Amrita assures Rajeshwari while Gauri determines to mess Chanda’s welcoming party. She proclaims to take Amrita’s place in Kotharis house and decides to throw her out from there.

The episode ends.

Episode starts with Gopal telling Chanda about their decision. He makes her understand that she have to live with Kotharis from now on, while the latter gets shocked. She denies to leave her family and insists Gopal not to send her away. The latter gets emotional seeing his daughter but keeps himself strong for the better future of Chanda. She rushes towards Gauri and insists her not to let her go, to which the latter says that it’s necessary as they will get benefit only when Chanda will go stay with Kotharis.

Here, Amrita also comes there and feels bad seeing Chanda’s state. The latter suddenly brings Gauri’s saree and starts stitching it. Gopal along with Amrita and her siblings gets confused seeing it and insists the latter to stop. They questions Chanda that what is she doing and feels worried about her. The needle pierces her finger while she winces in pain.

Amrita gets teary eyes seeing Chanda while the latter rushes towards Gauri and states that she has stitched the saree which got torned by her. She request her mother to let her stay with them and not to send her away. She states that she won’t be able to stay without them, while Gauri makes her understand that she have to call Amrita and Rajeev as her parents.

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