Sanjog 22nd September 2022 Written Update: Gopal and Gauri hides from Alok


Sanjog 22nd September 2022 Written Update on

Episode starts with Amrita going inside her room to change her outfit, while Tara and Chanda follows her. The latter stops her mother and states that Chanda wants to talk to her. Amrita questions Chanda about the matter, to which she gets emotional and joins hands in front of Amrita. She apologizes for her mistake and shows her gratitude towards the latter for helping her in front of others. Amrita feels bad for Chanda and hugs her. She stops the latter from apologising and says that she haven’t done anything wrong. She caresses Chanda’s hair and consoles her.

Here, Amrita ask Chanda and Tara to play together, while the latter takes her inside her room. Chanda gets mesmerised seeing all the toys and enjoys the games. She compliments Tara for having a beautiful room and questions that she have everything then why she befriended her? To which Tara starts praising Chanda.

Tara proclaims that she enjoys playing with Chanda as she is friendly, always makes her smile and is really brave. She recalls the flashback where her classmates used to bully her. She becomes sad and notify Chanda about it. She then pushes Chanda down and the latter falls. She gets up smiling at Tara and ask her to do it again if she likes pushing her.

Elsewhere, Tara hugs Chanda and says that she always wants to stay with her. They both bonds together and goes downstairs. Whereas, Gauri and Gopal looks for Chanda and the latter notify that Tara took her inside the palace. She also tries to get inside but thr guard stops her. She gets furious at him but then stops herself from creating any drama.

Alok also comes there and Gopal along with his family gets scared seeing him. They tries to hide themselves from him. They plans to scatter away so that Alok won’t be able to recognise them. Alok goes inside without seeing Gopal and meets Rajeev and his family.

Ahead, Alok questions about Amrita, to which Rajeshwari and Ranjini taunts Amrita and says that she is enjoying herself. Rajeev also talks bad about Amrita, while Alok takes a stand for her and reminds Rajeev about his affair with Rakshita. He gets nervous and bends his head down, while Alok goes inside Amrita’s room to check on her.

Alok gets surprised seeing Amrita happy while she shows him the newspaper where the dead body of Chanda haven’t been found. She says that her daughter is alive and she can feel it. She also notify him about Tara’s new friend and praises the latter’s behavior. He feels happy seeing her elated and then leaves from there. Gopal and Gauri avoids Alok and saves themselves from him.

Further, Amrita comes downstairs while Rajeev confronts her. Ranjini taunts her about having an affair, to which she gets furious and lashes out at her. Ranjini starts her drama while Amrita ask her not to point finger on her or Rajeev’s character. Whereas, the latter checks Rakshita’s account and recalls his moments with her. He unblocks her, while Tara and Chanda comes downstairs and takes Amrita along with them. Meanwhile, Gauri gets freezed seeing Amrita in front of her.

The episode ends.

Episode starts with Amrita getting confused after seeing all the preparations. She tries to help Rajeshwari and Ranjini in order to handle the work, but the latter ignores her. At that time Ranjini forwards sweets to Amrita and ask her to taste it, while the latter accepts it happily. She ask about the occasion, to which Ranjini replies that they are doing puja and serving food to the poor, in order to give peace to Amrita’s dead daughter Chanda. The latter gets shocked and denies to accept it. She thinks within herself that her daughter Chanda is still alive. Rajeshwari commands Amrita to serve the poors, while the latter goes outside.

Here, Gopal comes to the fair along with his family. They changes their getup in order to mix well with the public. Gopal makes Chanda to sit on his shoulder and ask her to see whole of the fair. He proclaims that he will make her eat whatever she wants to eat. Meanwhile, Gauri gets furious at Gopal’s thinking and ask him not to waste money on Tara.

Gauri sees the photo frame of Amrita and cleans it properly. She gets excited to be on the same city as Amrita. Whereas, at that time they hears about the free food given by Kotharis. Gauri decides to go there in order to feed their hunger, while Gopal gets into thinking. His mother scolds him and takes him towards the truck.

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