Sanjog 6th October 2022 Written Update: Ranjini brainwashes Rajeev against Amrita


Sanjog 6th October 2022 Written Update on

Episode starts with Amrita sitting along with Tara and Chanda. She shows them the picture of some child beggers and states that they belonged to a rich family but left the house in anger and then the bad people took advantage of them and made them beg for money. Tara and Chanda gets shocked, while at that time Ranjini and Rajeshwari comes there and becomes furious at Amrita. They scolds the latter for scaring the child and states that she is giving wrong parenting to her. They proclaims that she should have given love and concern towards her but instead is making her afraid.

Here, Amrita takes a stand for her parenting and says that sometimes it’s necessary to make the kids realise about the reality. Rajeshwari rebukes Amrita again, while Tara hugs her and assures that she won’t run away from the house again. Amrita shows her concern towards her kid and showers her with love. Chanda also nods understanding about Amrita’s teaching.

Rajeev comes there and gives a huge gift to Tara, while Chanda smiles seeing it. Ranjini rebukes the latter for eyeing Tara’s gift and talks rudely with her. Amrita feels bad for Chanda, while Rajeev confronts Amrita about the reason for which Tara left the house. She tells that she took Chanda away for some work and denies to take Tara along with them and that’s why the latter got upset.

Elsewhere, Rajeev ask about the matter while Ranjini and Rajeshwari gets shocked. Amrita recalls her promise to Rajeshwari that she won’t tell the truth to Rajeev about Ranjini’s ill deeds, while the latter rebukes at her and ask to tell the truth. She apologises to Rajeshwari and states that she will have to break her promise. She notify Rajeev about Ranjini’s ploy and states that she has given pan masala to Tara.

Rajeev gets furious at Ranjini and confronts her about the truth. She recalls Amrita having proofs against her and accepts her crime. Rajeev lashes out at her and ask her to leave the house. He proclaims that he can do anything for Tara, while Ranjini starts her drama and takes him inside to tell the truth. She says that Amrita is more concerned for Chanda then Tara. She states that she just wanted Amrita to pay attention towards Tara and so has given pan masala to Chanda, so that they will throw the latter out of the house.

Ahead, Ranjini lies to Rajeev about her intentions while he consoles her. He notify her about the legal documents which he made Amrita to write. He states that they just need one mistake of Amrita in order to throw her out of the house and ask Ranjini for her help. She assures to help Rajeev in throwing Amrita out of the house, while the latter gets shocked seeing the unity of Rajeev and Ranjini.

Amrita prays to give justice to her kid Chanda and states that she wants to be the mother of both Tara and Chanda. She sees her kids getting along with one another and becomes happy, while Ranjini proclaims to create clash in between them. Meanwhile, Gauri prays to God for Gopal and wishes to have him inside the palace along with them.

Further, Rajeshwari gets furious at Amrita for trying to create rift in between Rajeev and Ranjini. She warns Amrita and states that if anything happens to their bond, then she won’t spare Amrita. Whereas, Ranjini taunts Amrita and proclaims to break Amrita and Rajeev’s relationship. The latter gives a befitting reply to Ranjini and shows her confidence on her marriage. Meanwhile, Gauri takes Chanda away from Tara, while Amrita gets concerned for her.

The episode ends.

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