Sanjog Upcoming Story: Rajeev and Rakshita to betray Amrita’s trust!


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“Sanjog” the newly launched multistarer serial produced by Rashmi Sharma is an unique family drama. Shefali Sharma Sethi, Kamya Punjabi, Rajniesh Duggall and Rajat Dahiya are the main cast of the show.

The enthralling and fresh story of the serial is engaging to the audiences. Previously, Gauri and Gopal along with their family sneaked inside Kothari’s farmhouse to steal, while Amrita got notified about the intrusion via security alarm.

She sended the guard to check on them before taking any action. Whereas, Amrita celebrated her 7 years marriage anniversary party with Rajeev but gets taunted by her in-laws for being childless. Meanwhile, Rajeshwari’s warning shattered her.

In the current track, Gauri and Gopal escapes from the guards and safely gets out of the farmhouse. Whereas, Gauri determines to fulfill her dreams. She makes her goal to get all the richness and declares to have same life as Amrita.

Meanwhile, Gopal tries to make her understand that they can’t afford a life like higher class people, to which she motivates him and states that everything is possible.

Ahead, Alok worries about his sister Amrita and shows his concern, but she masks her sadness and assures him that she is fine. Meanwhile, Rajeev and Amrita expresses their love for each other in front of the guests. Whereas, Amrita recalls her past with Rajeev and gets flashes of her happy moments with him.

At that time Rakshita interrupts them and takes Rajeev aside. She gets close with him and forces him to tell about their relationship to Amrita.

Rajeev tries to make Rakshita understand and tells that he will soon notify his wife about them. He ask for some time but Rakshita gets impatient and proclaims that she can’t able to bear him with Amrita anymore. At that time the latter comes there and takes Rajeev in order to introduce him with the guests.

Now in the upcoming episode, Amrita will tell Rajeshwari that when she have Rajeev’s support and their love, then everything will surely get fine.

Rajeshwari will reply that the latter is saying same line since many years and will give her a last warning. She will state that she wants a baby in the house orelse she will have to take a strict decision against Amrita. Whereas, Ranjini will find Amrita’s report and joins it. She will get shocked finding about the negative result.

Will Rajeev realise his mistake?

Will Amrita be able to conceive?

It would be interesting to see what happens next on the show.

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