Sanjog Upcoming Story: Rajeshwari to get suspicious about Amrita!


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Zee Tv’s popular serial “Sanjog” is gearing up for some intense drama and interesting twists in the upcoming story. Previously, Amrita got concerned for Chanda’s education and decided to pay attention towards her. Whereas, Tara got injured while playing with Chanda and Ranjini blamed it on the latter.

The doctor treated Tara and gets shocked seeing tobacco in her mouth. Everyone blamed Chanda for it, while the latter denied the allegations. Amrita took a stand for Chanda and decided to save her from Gauri’s punishment.

In the current track, Ranjini stops Amrita from interfering in Gauri and Chanda’s matter. She advice her to be concerned for Tara only, to which the latter gives a befitting reply to Ranjini and proclaims that she can handle both. She rebukes Ranjini while Rajeshwari gets stunned seeing Amrita’s changed behavior.

Here, Amrita stops Gauri from beating Chanda and takes a stand for the latter while Rajeshwari shares her suspicion with Ranjini and the latter decides to find the truth out.

Chanda stops Amrita from interfering while the latter scolds Gauri and says that she trust Chanda. She also determines to find the real culprit and consoles Chanda. Meanwhile, Rajeev rebukes Amrita for not looking after Tara.

Ahead, Amrita tries to aid Chanda as well as prepares food for Tara. She manages both the work but Ranjini provokes Rajeev against her and he gives a warning to Amrita.

Amrita clarifies everything and makes Tara eat food. She taunts Ranjini for her ill-deeds and cheer Tara. Rajeev gets happy seeing his daughter fine and permits them to be with Chanda.

Later, Gauri tries to get job of maid in Kotharis house but gets unsuccessful. Whereas, Amrita prays to keep both her daughters together. Meanwhile, Gauri shares her plan with Gopal to rob the Jewelleries from Kothari house.

Now in the upcoming episode, Amrita will ask Tara that if she has eaten anything before walking on the treadmill? To which the latter will reply that Chanda had given her a chocolate.

Amrita will question Chanda that if she has given chocolate to Tara? To which she will reply positively and says that it was given by Ranjini to her. Amrita will get shocked and confronted Ranjini for giving tobacco to the kids. Whereas, the latter will get dumbstruck.

Will Amrita be able to expose Ranjini?

Will Gauri be able to fulfill her dream?

It would be interesting to see what happens next on the show.

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