Sarab-Meher of Choti Sarrdaarni share a unique love story


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Colors television one of the most popular daily show Choti Sarrdaarni has garnered the attention of viewers from its initial episodes. Fresh content and major twists on the show keeps the audience entertained and glued.The most interesting part of the show is the unique love story of the leads Sarabjit and Meher and of course Sarab’s five-year-old son Param.

Sarab and Meher are not your regular television couples nor do they have many lovey-dovey scenes. Their romance is not something that is shown often, in fact, they have not even confessed their love. The uniqueness of their lovelies in the fact that the audiences feel their love even though there are Almost no romantic scenes between the couple. Theirs is a very mature practical love. They are both genuine in their affection and can go to any extreme to protect the other. They just don’t express it to each other.

Sarab and Meher married in such a circumstance that there is still some hesitation on Meher’s part to completely let go and accept her feelings for Sarab to even herself. Everyone around them including the audience can feel her love towards Sarab.In spite of knowing that Meher is carrying another man’s child, Sarab’s love towards her is immense. He has not only accepted her as his but also equally love the baby in her womb.

Meher is no less. She loves Sarab’s son as her own and considers him as her first child although she has not given birth to him. She can do anything for Param, even put her life at risk. A fact that she has proved when she decided to give liver transplant for Param knowing she has only a 1% chance of surviving. The love story is not just between Sarab and Meher, its also between Param and Meher. Param loves his Meher Mamma to such an extreme that he brought her back from death.

As the show is currently on hold due to the COVID-19 situation.Its the perfect time to catch up on Choti Sarrdarrni and the unique journey of Sarab and Meher.