Sasuraal Genda Phool 2 29th March 2022 Written Update: Titlee goes Missing


Sasuraal Genda Phool 2 29th March 2022 Written Update on

The episode starts with Eilesh, He praises Rani for clearing the accounts and says that he never saw out account is clear. If it continuous then will get more credits. Rani gives all credits to Titlee reasoning she helped her to clear the accounts. She is very smart one because of her they got this profit. She asks him to don’t share this matter to Disha and her husband reasoning they don’t like her.

Eilesh denies it and tell her he is worrying about Disha because she is acting weird. Rani shares the reason with him but he denies it and shares his doubts with her. He leaves to make a call. Rani notices Titlee there and thinks she may be sad because Rano took promise from Ishaan. She shares to Titlee that she knew the reason why she is sad like this? She advised to Titlee that husband and wife relationship is pure one no one can’t break that relationships over a promise.

She assures to her Ishaan won’t leave her for a promise because she is well aware of him. Titlee says that its better she leaving from his life because Ishaan will lead a peaceful life at least. Rani asks her to stop thinking about Ishaan instead think about her. She advised her to stop sacrificing her happiness for others. It’s wrong to kill her own happiness for others. Titlee nods and leave. Later Rano comes to Ishaan’s room searching for him. Titlee is there not him.

Titlee asks Rano Is she need anything? Rano demands her to leave from this house don’t ever show up in front of her that’s what she need? Rano asks her to send Ishaan to her room when he is back. She noticed the divorce papers there and ask her whom kept it here? Titlee says that Ishaan. Rano says that its their divorce application. Ishaan agreed to figure her and gave promise to her soon she will be out of his life. She demands her to sign in it but Titlee denies it reasoning Ishaan promised to her not her. Rano says that her son married to her to save her its a fake marriage. Titlee complaints that its fake to her but not to others. According to her its real marriage.

She won’t sign in this papers till Ishaan sign in it. Rano insults Titlee that this marriage happened in unexpected situation. There is no love inbetween them. She asks her to think about Ishaan and this family members. She complaints that she is thinking selfish. Titlee complaints her back that she is taking decisions in his life and it’s Ishaan whom should break this relationship not her.

She questions her doesn’t she tried hard to convince Ishaan to remarry then what happened now? Now she is in his life but she is adamant to break his relationship for her selfish thought. Doesn’t she a mom to feel this all? Rano leaves from there. Titlee thinks that she talked well and nothing is wrong in it. She don’t think Ishaan will be happy if she leave this house.

Gayathri cracking jokes with Rani, Rano there. They noticed Disha talking with her sister in law and sent Golu to her house. Rano questions her why did she sent him there? Disha lies to them that Mom is not feeling good that’s why. Rano asks her what about his school? No one is there to drop him in school. Disha says that he will take leave for Three days. Rano disliked it. Gayathri says that its not a big deal. Rani asks her Is anything else? Disha says nothing and leaves. Ishika shared to all something is bothering Disha because she was keep watching her. Later Rano demands Ishaan to sign in divorce papers then only Titlee will sign in it.

Ishaan taunts her for sharing this matter to Titlee and complaints she is taking decisions in rush. He is matured enough to take decisions in his own. Rano gets emotional and complaints that she is doing everything for his happiness and family members. She adds that he is always treating her like she is wrong. He consoles her and tell her he will sign in it later. Ishaan noticed Titlee is missing in room and searches for her everywhere.

Episode end..

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