Sasural Genda Phool 2 10th March 2022 Written Update: Gayathri insults Titlee


Sasural Genda Phool 2 10th March 2022 Written Update on

The episode starts with Alok, He shares to Shailaja that he can’t able to see Shailaja eating alone in her room instead he is allowing Titlee to eat with them. Rano interrupt him. Alok stops Rano and add They are loving Shailaja more then how much they are hating Titlee? He is considering Shailaja as his mom he is doing this for her. So his decision is everyone in this house will eat together here. Shailaja takes Titlee from there and make her sit in dining table. Everyone eats in silent there. Later Shailaja bring medicine to Ambarnath. He shares to Shailaja that he was eating earlier because he wanna take medicine. Its bliss to take food with family together. He says that he saw what happened there he is feeling proud of Shailaja for handling the situation well. Shailaja shares to him that she deserved everyone’s love here. Gayathri comes there and say that she didn’t expected this from her. She broke Rano’s heart today how much she love her. Rano never go against her words yet but she hurted her sister this much for that Titlee.

Shailaja questions Gayathri doesn’t she know how much Rano meant to her they why did she taking like this? Gayathri complaints that she gave up Rano for that Titlee whom came here yesterday. She broke Rano’s heart for that Titlee. Ambarnath scolds Gayathri for taunting Shailaja. How could she blame Shailaja in this way? Is she break anyone heart intentionally? Titlee eating food alone in her room doesn’t get heart breaking? She came from outside so they wanna make her feel comfortable here and eat together with her instead of leaving her alone. Gayathri says that she is not alone! Shailaja and Ambarnath are there to support Titlee here. Ambarnath questions her Is she wanna kick her out of the house? Gayathri complaints that they would have done that when did Ishaan brought that thief to home as our daughter in law betraying Avni. She leaves from there angrily.

Titlee standing on sofa holding broom in her hand seeing lizard. Ishaan thinks thief comes there but gets surprise to see lizard there. He teases her for scared of Lizard. He questions her doesn’t she brave enough to face Police and gonna but scared of lizard? Titlee shares the back story of her fear of lizard.

Ishaan gifts new phone and sim to Titlee. Golu comes there and shares to Titlee that grandpa called her. Later Titlee play chess with Ambarnath. Gayathri comes there and taunts Titlee for entered into her room. Ambarnath supports her and said she is playing chess with him. Gayathri questions Ambarnath why did he playing money careless in front of all some thief will streal. Gayathri said it staring Titlee and locks the cupboard. Titlee feels bad to hear it and excused them. Ambarnath scolds Gayathri for treating Titlee worst and mentioned her as thief. Both gets into an argument over this issue. Titlee leaves from there in anger. Shailaja shares to Ishaan about Titlee’s missing. He enquires to his family members what actually happened but no one responsing to him. Ishaan shares to them they are not understanding the situation Titlee’s life is in danger!

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