Sasural Genda Phool 2 21st February 2022 Written Update: Titlee forgives Ishaan


Sasural Genda Phool 2 21st February 2022 Written Update on

The episode starts with Ambarnath asks to Kashyaps where is Titlee she is a sweet girl and Ishaan will marry her he decided that. Rano tries to clear with him but Indar signals her to act along with him and sends Ambarnath from there. Rano sends the tailor from there reasoning marriage was canceled. Rano demands Alok to give money to her she wanna pay it back. He says to her he will give it next month but she demands him to give money and keep it on table. Ishaan visits Titlee’s house and hesitate to go inside.

She comes from his behind and ask to him Is his family kicked him out? He denies it. Ishaan hesitates to open up with her. Titlee tells him that she knew it well why is he here? He wanna say to her he has no idea their truth will come out in this way and everyone will blame her for it. He asks to her how could she found it out? She says to him that this is not happening to her for the first time. She is used to it. Many people poured out their anger on her if she take everything to her heart then how will she run her life?

Ishaan asks to her Is his family members said anything to her after he left from there? She hides the truth and ask to him why should they blame her for it? She just said bye to them and left. Ishaan gifts the flower vase to her. She wishes to place flowers in it too. Ishaan calls her to eat snacks or dinner with him. She denies it. He tells her that he wanna apologies to her with this treat. She appreciates his idea.

Titlee and Ishaan visits the restaurant and notices the Valentine’s Day celebration there. She asks to him why are they celebrating it only one day? Ishaan tries to convince her just then Shailaja calls him. She says to him that he left from home angrily that’s why she called to make sure he is fine. He tells her that he is fine and he is with Titlee now. She asks him to give the phone to her.

Titlee hesitates to talk with her and greets her first. Shailaja says to her that she can understands the was not at fault here she was just acting like that to make them hate her. Her family members treated her badly. She says to her she don’t mind it because it’s not their fault. Shailaja says that its not her fault too so she wanna visit their house she will talk with her there.

Titlee nods to her she tells her that she will wait for her. She shares to Ishaan what did she said to her. She says to him that she has no idea how to behave with family members. He tells her that she can act normal there he has one important work so he can’t able to join with her. Titles calls him to sing on stage but he denies it. She starts sings there he appreciates her. She calls him to sing with her on stage.

Ishaan comes on stage and sing along with her and dance with her happily. Everyone appreciates and claps for them. They gets an flower shower there. Manager comes there and informs to them that they are best couple today. Ishaan says to him they are not couples but good friends. He says to Ishaan that many voted for them as a best couples. Titlee collects the gift from them. They plays a Romantic song for them to dance.

Titlee says it’s old song how will she dance for it. He asks her to hold his hand and follows him. Both starts dance for that song romantically. Titlee thank Ishaan for making her day so happy. She tells him that if he didn’t take her here then she wouldn’t have learnt kind of this dance is there. He asks her to be like this always be happy. He asks her to call him once it she is in any problem. She excuses him and leaves from there lying she has some work to do. He starts her leaving. Rano asks to Shailaja why did she invited Titlee again here? She says to her that all done by Ishaan not Titlee.

Titlee comes there they welcomed her happily. They enquires to her how did they met each other? She creates story for them. Rano asks to her Is this also truth or lie? She thinks its good to share this matter to Ishaan or else they will get caught again. They are talking with each other happily. Rajini says to her that Ishaan can stop this marriage by acting like this but what did she get from this? She says to them money.
Episode end.

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