Sasural Genda Phool 2 21st March 2022 Written Update: Rano does the Unexpected


Sasural Genda Phool 2 21st March 2022 Written Update on

The episode starts with Rano, she asks Ishaan to leave Titlee after this problems are over. She placed Ishaan’s hand on her head and ask him to promise that he give will divorce to Titlee after this problems are over. Ishaan gets shocked to hear it. He questions her Is she know what’s she asking to him? She questions him back doesn’t he married to Titlee without option he don’t love her at all right?

Then why don’t he promise to her that he will give divorce to her? He asks her Is it easy to her? Shailaja tries to interrupt her but Rano asks her to don’t come between mom and Son conversation. It’s her rights to talk with her son. Ishaan gets fed up and give nod to Tami’s demand. But she ask him to promise on her! Ishaan promise to her that he will divorce her after this problems solved. Titlee gets hurt and leaves from there in tears.

Shailaja questions Rano what’s this all? They are married and took vow around sacred fire. Which mom will demand her son to break his marriage life? She questions Shailaja back why shouldn’t she? She is not considering it as marriage at all. She needs her son happiness he won’t be happy with this marriage. Shailaja questions her what will be Titlee’s state why don’t she think about her future? Rano says clearly she doesn’t care about her at all. For her Ishaan’s life important not Titlee. As a mom she wanna see her son leading a happy life.

Rani complaints to Indar that all are selfish in this house. She narrates to him what did Rano done to Ishaan. She says that she didn’t give another option to Ishaan. Indar clears with her that Ishaan married to Titlee because he felt he was responsible for Titlee’s state. He don’t love her at all that’s why he gave promise to her. Rani complaints that all are thinking about Ishaan’s life here! What will be Titlee’s state? He says that she is smart enough to lead her life alone. Rani complaints that all are thinking selfish here when did our family start behaving like this? If Titlee caught in Deva’s hand then they are responsible to her state.

Titlee folding her clothes while thinking about Rano’s words. Titlee’s conscience comes to her. She insults Titlee that she is a thief how could she expect him to love her back? Don’t day dream a good life with Ishaan. Ishaan comes there and apologize to Titlee for whatever happened there.

Titlee asks him to stop apologizing to her its not his fault at all. He don’t wanna break Rano’s heart. His mom is important to him then anyone because it’s life long relationship of him unlike her. She says that he should not apologize to her instead she wanna say thank you to him. He saved her from goons and brought her to this house went against his family members. If she leave from this house he can start a fresh life and everyone will forget her including Ishaan. Ishaan leaves from there. Disha worries about the money. Eilesh enquired to her about her mom’s health. She asks him to help her to do operation to her mom. She needs money for it. Eilesh tells her that he wanna help her but he don’t have single penny in his hand let’s think about another way. Rano gives sweets to Alok and shares to him what happened in morning.

Alok gets disappointed with Rano for took wrong decision. He questions her which mom will break her son’s marriage relationship? She complaints that its not his life he is not happy with it. Alok complaints that Ishaan married her for real it’s his life why is she poking her head in it. Rano complaints that he is talking like Shailaja in it not supporting his wife Alok says that Shailaja is right that’s why he is supporting her but Rano is always wrong in this matter. He leaves from there angrily.

Episode end..

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