Sasural Genda Phool 2 28th February 2022 Written Update: Ishaan saves Titlee


Sasural Genda Phool 2 28th February 2022 Written Update on

The episode starts with Titlee hides behind pillar seeing Deva’s goons another side Ishaan searching for Titlee in hurry. Titlee cries thinking about her state. He feels tired when he can’t able to find Titlee till morning he thinks it’s will be risk to her if he gives information about her to police. Titlee feels hungry and tries to eat something but goons notices her she runs from there they chases her behind. Rano asks to Indar what’s he doing there? He shares his happiness to them.

Avni’s brother and Tailor comes there and informs to them that he is here to take Ishaan’s measurement for marriage clothes. Rano and family members welcomes him happily. Disha leaves to bring Ishaan there but he is not in his room. Later she informs to them that Ishaan not in his room it seems he didn’t came to home last night. Rano shouts in fear. Indar calls to Ishaan and asks to him what happened where is him? He informs to him that he got one important work that’s why he came out.

Rano demands him to come back home immediately without getting late. He disconnect the call. Rano shares her fear to Indar that he is not worried about his marriage at all and behaving like this. She fears he might do something wrong. He asks her to think only good things.

Ishaan thinks that family members were worried about him but how will he go leaving Titlee alone. Titlee hugs him in happiness to see him there. Ishaan asks to her where were she? He was searching for her whole night she didn’t picked her phone too so he worried about her a lot. She shares to him that she is so happy to see him here. She narrates to him that her dad turned to mad and gave complaint against Deva.

He escaped from here leaving her alone. She was hiding from those goons in fear. Ishaan tells her that he was the one convinced her dad to gave complaint against Deva. Titles gets angry on him and lashes out at him for poking his head in her life. She complaints that because of him she lost her house and hiding from others sight and slept in road side in fear. He says to her that he thought If he got arrest then she will be free from that Deva bhai. Titlee asks him to leave from here safe she will go to somewhere else.

But he says to her he will accompany her. Titlee says to him he is a fool tomorrow its his marriage if anything happen to him? He stops her and says that he won’t go anywhere leaving her alone. He wanna make sure she is safe then only he will leave. He takes her from there and apologies to her for this mess.

Ishaan says to her that he pushed her into more problems it seems. He tells her its good if she go far from here. He will book ticket for her in Mumbai his friend is there he will take care of it all. He assures to her nothing will happen to her. Goons comes there searching for her they hides seeing them. But somehow goons notices them they starts runs from there.

Ishaan fungus with goons to save Titlee and runs from there. Goons catch Titlee and beats Ishaan. Titlee falls down from terrace Ishaan saves her on time. They enters Samoohik Vivah mandap luring they are gonna marry each other. They hides there thinking they won’t be catch there. Goons comes there and surrounds the mandap. Two staffs misunderstands them gonna marry so gives dress to them to wear. Ishaan asks Titlee to wear this dress and escapes from there using this.

Titlee hesitates but he asks her to do it without hesitation. Ishaan comes out wearing Sherwani and gets mesmerises to see Titlee in marriage attire. They wishes to escapes from there on muhurth time. Goons searching for them Ishaan tells her it seems they can’t able to to leave. Let’s go in line with those couples. Titlee says they are gonna get married what will they do there? Titlee gives money to Priest and asks him to do fake marriage to them. She shares it to Ishaan. Indar contacts him but he lies to him that he is in meeting. Seeing goon Titlee hugs him phone falls down from his hand.

Episode end.

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