Sasural Genda Phool 2 4th March 2022 Written Update: Rano’s shocking decision


Sasural Genda Phool 2 4th March 2022 Written Update on

The episode starts with Inder says to Ishaan that he is thinking it as a joke. Marriage is not a joke he betrayed Avni and played with Titlee’s life too? Ishaan says to him that he accepted his mistake that he done wrong to Avni and apologised to her also. Why are they bringing that again and again. Indar says to him that he bring that girl to home and announced they got married? Is he thinking family members will accept Titlee asap and treat her well here?

Ishaan says to him why is he not thinking about the situation of him. Those goons were chasing them poor Titlee trying to save her life. How will he let her alone to welcome her death? He wanna understood one think he was the reason for her state not her fault at all. Indar says to him he can help her in another way right? Ishaan says to him that goons were around them he has only one option in that time. Indar asks him to solve this issues alone its his responsibility. He asks him to come inside the house and leaves.

Ambarnath is excited to meet Daughter in law but notices Shailaja comes there to give break fast there. He asks to her why is she looking dull? Is something bothering her? Doesn’t Avni’s family visiting today? Is something wrong happened here? She says to him everything is wrong here. Shailaja burst out and shares to him everything is wrong here and it’s out of her hands now.

Ambarnath consoles Shailaja and asks her to explain the situation to him. Shailaja shares to him that Ishaan didn’t agree to marry Avni but he married to Titlee today. She was always thinking about the promise she gave to Suhana but failed to think about her family. She has no idea everything will end up in this way. Ambarnath tells her its wrong to think in this way. It’s not her mistakes at all. If she start thinking she is the reason for everything then she can’t live in peace.

Her love and trust is leading this family well till now. Ambarnath advises her to stop confusing her and try to accept the truth. Sadness and happiness both are common in life it will change according to its time. Ishaan enters into home and see Rano there. He leaves from there in silent. Seeing Ishaan in his room Titlee gets up. He thank her for bearing all hate of his family members.

She says to him that she can able to bear this much for him at least. She closes the door and lashes out at him. She says to him that she warned him many times to leave from her life and stop poking his head in her life but he didn’t listen to her at all. He married to her to become a saint but everyone in his family hating her to the core for this. Doesn’t he know his family will react like this then why did he married to her?

Ishaan asks to her what option he has in his hand then? He can’t able to leave her alone to die there. He brought Titlee to home as his wife then his marriage fixed with another one so obviously they will react like this. Actually he helped her so she wanna thank him instead of reacting like this? She asks to him his family members lashes out at her and treated her worst Is he expecting her to thank him for it?

She has a dream to enter into good family as a daughter in law and get welcome from them but everything spoiled today. Even she has life and own dreams too. She opens up with him. Ishaan feels guilty seeing her in tears. He tries to console her later he leaves to sleep. Shailaja tries to convince Rano. Rano shares to her that she is thinking her as her elder sister and her kids are loving her more then their own Mom. She is happy for it because her kids listening more to her. Shailaja says to her she is her sister then what happened today?

Rano complaints to her that she won’t accept Titlee as her daughter in law and she is disappointed with Shailaja because she accepted her in this house. Shailaja asks her to stop hating her and tries to give little time to both of them. She denies it and says she won’t do it instead she will kick her out of this house. She can’t able to think the way Shailaja thinking. Shailaja alerts her that she shouldn’t regret later for taking this decision. Shailaja says to her that her decision will break this house and happiness. It’s our family they wanna make sure all are happy here. Rano asks to her whom will cry if that girl leave from here? Why should she think about others now? Her kids life is important to her and she is doing everything to save her son from that girl. She wanna see whether that Titlee stay in this house or she? Shailaja hurts to hear her decision.

Episode end.

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