Sasural Genda Phool 2 9th March 2022 Written Update: Titlee Bonds with Ambarnath


Sasural Genda Phool 2 9th March 2022 Written Update on

The episode starts with Ambarnath, He ask Titlee Is she here to meet Suhana? Titlee understand he forget everything and pretends like Suhana’s friend. Ambarnath makes her sit and shares about Suhana to her. Later Titlee and Ambarnath shares an good bond with each other. Ambarnath laughs his heart out when he spend with Titlee. Ishaan and Shailaja feels happy to see them in happiness. Shailaja shares to Rano that she wanna understand about Titlee before judging her as wrong. She advised her to give little time to her to prove herself. She adds that Titlee dealt with Ambarnath well today she didn’t disappointed him by confessing the truth.

Titlee enters into her room, she noticed Ishaan’s picture and admired it. She folds his shirt and wears it. She dances there happily. Ishaan comes there and gets happy to see her. He teases her for wearing his shirt later he shares his happiness with her to see her without tension.

Ishaan thank Titlee for handling Ambarnath well today. He says that Grandpa is very important to his family and they have no idea when will he forget the incident and behave strange. Titlee says that she bonded him well it’s not fake. Is he thought she will confess all truth to him and create a problem here? She adds that she doesn’t know what he thinking about her but she is not like that.

She really likes to spend time with grandpa. Ishaan says that she misunderstood his intentions it seems. She diverts him by saying she needs one hell from him. She needs one new sim to talk with Nimbu and Soda. He nods to her. Meethi brings food for Titlee there. Ishaan asks her why is she eating alone here? Why don’t she join with others in dining table here everyone eats together. Titlee shares to him she is comfortable here. Shailaja comes there and feels guilty for not inviting Titlee to take food together.

Inder returns to home angrily and share to Rajini that Titlee is head ache to him. He shares to her Titlee’s photo pasted everywhere by police force to catch her. Because of her he scared to go out and get catch. What if police come here to arrest her and people will badmouth about their family. Ishaan learns from Inder that police searching for Titlee.

Indar requests him to send Titlee from there asap reasoning he fears to loss his job. Ishaan asks him to stop thinking selfish if police catch her then there is no guarantee what will they do to her? Inder asks him to think about their family instead of her she is just a thief. Ishaan adds that Titlee was thief not now she was forced to. Ishaan says that he don’t understand the seriousness of the case but he knew it. Rajini too supports him and leaves.

Kashyaps are sharing good dining time together. Shailaja brings Titlee there and share her everyone will eat food together here. Rano says that she don’t have appetite Inder too says the same. Disha says that they will eat in their room. They complaints to Shailaja that they are uncomfortable with Titlee here and about to leave. Shailaja stop them and said they will leave. Disha asks her Is she important to her then them? Shailaja make them understand Titlee is also daughter in law of this family and she has all rights like them to eat food together. She is Ishaan’s wife. Family members taunts Titlee. Shailaja request them to don’t break this family by arguing each other. Shailaja takes Titlee from there to leave but Alok stop her.

Episode end.

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