Sasural Genda Pool 2 16th March 2022 Written Update: Titlee to the Rescue


Sasural Genda Pool 2 16th March 2022 Written Update on

The episode starts with Ishaan, He enters into Rano’s room. Seeing him she pretended like sleeping. He questions her Is it paining a lot? She asks to him Is he got permission from his wife to meet her? He stops her and applied ointment to her wound. Ishaan cares for her Rano gets emotional and says that he is talking with her nicely now after this much happened! Ishaan says that he can’t able to see her crying that’s why he stayed away from her. She asks him Is she his enemy why did he treating her in this way? Ishaan shares to her that he had no option left in that time that’s why he took that decision. He can’t able to face his family members avoiding him. She adds that everything happened because of that Titlee. Is she done anything wrong?

As a mom she tried to bring one good daughter in law to this house. She wishes to see her son leading a happy life with her. He assures to her that she didn’t done anything wrong. He broke her heart so stop blaming herself. He apologized to her and ask her to forgive him. He applied ointment to her and do first aid to her. Rano gets emotional to see him in tears.

Rano shows the bandage to Rajini and informs to her that she feels good now and don’t feel any pain now. Rajini teases her that Ishaan helped her that’s why she seems so happy. Avni comes there and question Rano what happened to her hand? Rajini tries to hide the truth from her but Rano reveals to her that she fell down because of Titlee. Rajini thanks Avni for coming back to their house. They missed her a lot.

Avni says that she too missing them. Rajini asks her to forget all and move on. Avni says that she is a doctor and she might do her duty by saying she take her leave. Rano shares to Rajini that she is so understanding girl she is perfect to be her daughter in law. Rajini asks Rano to forget all and accept Titlee as her daughter in law. Later Shailaja and Titlee are doing gardening. Shailaja explaining to her about the botanical name of the plants and compares it with family. Titlee shares her past to her.

Titlee shares to Shailaja that Ishaan is so lucky because he has two mom. He has such a good family around him. Shailaja says that she is also lucky because she is in this family too. Disha comes there to call them down. Later Ambarnath shouts and gets everyone’s attention there. He complaints to all that his precious news paper cuttings got wet. Whom done this? Gayathri says that he mistakenly spilled water on it. He shares to them how much those new papers cutting important to him? Gayathri says that he can take printout from internet. He scolds her and adamant in his decision.

Titlee says that she will try to help him he gives those papers to her. Rano questions him what’s the need to give it to her? Titlee tries to dry the news paper cuttings. Her hair slicked in the drier Ishaan helps her to remove it. Ishika comes there and informs to them police is here why did they come here? Ishika questions him Is they here to caught Titlee? Titlee says that she will surrender to them and never open her mouth against his family. Ishaan asks her to chill down he will handle it.

Episode end.

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