Sasural Genda Pool 2 17th March 2022 Written Update: Titlee Turns Fearful


Sasural Genda Pool 2 17th March 2022 Written Update on

The episode starts with Ishaan, He enquires to Police why are they here to meet him? Police informs to him commissioner sent him here to collect one girl details from him whom connected to Deva’s gang. Ishaan gets shock to see Titlee’s photo and lies to them he didn’t see her. Police leaves from there after the enquiry.

Gayathri taunts Ishaan for bringing Titlee to home whom wanted list in Police station. She adds that police never came to their house searching for Kashyaps but today he made them face this situation. Indar adds that he is gonna send all family into jail for that girl. He asks him to think about them today he lied to them but tomorrow she will be caught at any cost. While family will go to jail. Rajini asks him to stop it. Both gets into an argument over this issue. She explains Titlee’s side to him.

Titlee dreams like Ishaan assures to her he won’t leave her but Goon shoot him. Titlee shouts in fear seeing him dead. Ishaan wakes up and wakes up Titlee from sleep. She gets panic and check him whether he is fine or not. She narrated her dream to him. He assures to her he is fine no one shooter him.

Titlee says that she will go and surrender in police station morning itself or else full family members’s life at risk. Ishaan stops her and alert her Deva is angry on her he will do anything to her. Titlee says that he is angry on her not them, she asks him to stop taking risk on his family. Ishaan says that he was the one pushed her into danger. He won’t let it happen and consoles her. He assures to her that he is here so stop thinking a lot and sleep well.

Gayathri is complaining about Titlee to Ambarnath. He says that police came here to enquire Ishaan about the goons it’s not a big deal. Gayathri adds that what will people think they brought one thief into our house as daughter in law.

Titlee comes there Ambarnath welcomes her. She says that she bring something to him. He asks her Is it surprise he like surprise! Titlee gives the News paper cutting to him laminated in file. He gets happy to get that gift and thinks this won’t be wet again. He thank her whole heart. Titlee says that there is no need to thank her its not a big deal. She makes fun with him Ambarnath laughs his heart out which makes Gayathri feels happy. Avni comes there and greets him.

Ambarnath introduces Titlee to Avni as Ishaan’s wife and praises her as Angel. Titlee manages the situation and leaves from there. Later Disha talks with the person whom black mailing her to give money. She asks him to give time to her but he demands her to return the money in 7 days. Disha doubts where will she go for money? meanwhile Rano gives tea to Avni. She praised the flavors of it.

Rano tells her she will be fit in this house as their daughter in law. Titlee and Ishaan’s marriage life is not gonna last long do she can come here as her daughter in law. Avni says that she is here to do testament to Ambarnath so stop bringing this matter again and leaves. Shailaja asks Rano to understand the situation and accept the truth marriage fixed in heaven. Rano says that they gave wrong person so she will change it to see her son leading an happy life. Shailaja thinks that she is not seeing the good side of Titlee at all.

Episode end.

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