Sasural Simar Ka 2 10th January 2022 Written Update: Chitra apologises to Geetanjali


Sasural Simar Ka 2 10th January 2022 Written Update on

At the beginning of the episode, Simar regains consciousness and asks Aarav if he is fine. He answers yes and tells Simar that if something happens to her, he would not be able to survive. Simar asks him not to worry and assures him that she is fine. Just then Mohit comes there and says to them that they both survived the fire but now who will save them from him. Simar says to him that she had made his condition so bad that day but still, he dared to come in front of her. Aarav asks her what is she talking about.

Simar tells him the whole story. Aarav gets angry hearing this and tells Mohit that no one will be able to save him from him today. He attacks Mohit. Just then Mohit’s goons also come there and try to stop Aarav but remain unsuccessful. Then Mohit takes advantage of the opportunity and points a gun at Aarav. Simar is shocked to see this. While Aarav drops the gun from Mohit’s hand.

Simar takes a stick in her hand and hits Mohit. Mohit tries to snatch the stick from her hand. Mohit pushes Simar and drops her on the ground. Aarav holds Simar. He then clutches Mohit’s neck and asks Simar to slap him. Simar does the same. She slaps Mohit. Simar tells Aarav not to leave Mohit today.

Aarav is about to kill Mohit but Simar stops him and says that they should file a police report against Mohit. Then a car comes there. Mohit runs away from there. While Simar and Aarav are standing still. Here Reema remembers Vivaan’s words and gets sad. Chitra calls her. Reema asks her why has she called her. Chitra tells Reema that she should make sure that Vivaan signs the acceptance letter.

Reema says that Vivaan will never do this. Chitra asks her if she has made any plans. Reema refuses and says that she should return to this house. Yamini on the other hand gets out of the car. Yamini asks them how they are and who were attacking them. Aarav tells her about Mohit. Yamini feels glad that both of them are fine. Yamini then says to them that now they should come home with her. But Simar and Aarav refuse.

Simar says that they should go to their house so that their family can forgive them. Yamini says that their family does not deserve it. Simar says that she is nothing without her family. So she should apologize to them. Yamini says Simar has a big heart. She blesses Simar that they both succeeded in their mission and leaves from there. Aarav further decides that he will first apologize to Simar’s family and then go to Oswal Haveli. While Yamini says that Geetanjali will never forgive them and soon both of them will come to her house. On the other hand, Chitra and Raj come to the Oswal mansion and apologize to Geetanjali.

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