Sasural Simar Ka 2 11th June 2022 Written Update: Simar goes for an interview


Sasural Simar Ka 2 11th June 2022 Written Update on

Episode starts with Simar cares the physical health of Aarav. Simar asks about his pain.  Aarav says if she is infront of him, he don’t feel any pain. They are talking about their love. She gives him the medicine. Aarav stares at her. Simar asks why does he stare? He tells her he gets peace to stare her eyes. They both lost in each other. Aarav says when he will get soon he will not let her go. Simar says she has something to talk. Aarav says he knows what she will say. Aarav says you will be talking about your first love. She gets astonished.

Aarav says music is your first love and you’re are going to fill up the of radio. She says yes she wants to fulfill her dream. She filled the form there months before, tomorrow is the last day. Aarav says he knows why she didn’t submit her form. She wants to protect the family. Now Aarav wants to help her to achive every dream. Simar thanks her. Simar says she sacrifices her dream for herself and family so he shouldn’t get guilty. Aarav forbades her to cry as her tear is the enemy of him.

Reema says Vivaan, her hand cream has finished, and without it her hands becomes dry. Reema said she doesn’t have to money to buy. She also said also that as all the property is still under the name of his vivaan. Reema says how would he solve this problem. Vivaan says he won’t put his hand infront of them. He will not be with any wrong. Reema says how would he earn money? Vivan confirms her that he completed his degree from abroad. But he will not never want to be with his parent. Reema makes him understand to be with him. Vivan defined.

Giriraj recalls the memory of vivaan. Chitra stares at him. Chitra says why he left the dinner? Giriraj says he doesn’t get any happiness yet after getting all the power and money because he doesn’t have anyone who he shares and cares. He feels alone. He disregards his wealth. Giriraj goes to sleep.

Arav asks Simar whenever she needs money she inclines on the music but as music is her passion she shouldn’t be depend on music. Simar says she will persue the music from her soul. Arav says proud of her. Again he forbades her to cry. It’s their responsibility to earn the money together. They hug each other. Aarav promises Simar that her music is first and he will not let her down again. She promises him back as well , simar herself will not backward again and everything will be alright.

Next morning, Shandhya offers coffee to Badi Maa while she was reading. Then on asking Badimaa shows Shandhya the very first banner of Maa Durga Petha Vandar( their family business) , which was designed by Gopiji. Then comes Aarav and Simar. Badi maa shows them the banner. Badima recalls the very first journey of their business and how they haven’t even imagine that this business will ran so successfully, how hard they had tried to stand up their business.

Shandhya praises Badi Maa how their hard work and honesty made their Petha popular all over the world. Consequently Simar mentions that she too is going for a interview and asks for Badimaa’s permission. Badi maa asks Shandhya to serve curd and sugar for good luck. Badi maa and Shandhya both wishes good luck to Simar.

In the interview Centre everyone was looking at Simar and Aarav curiously. Then , comes a fan of Simar, Kabya who have seen a viral video of Simar and they both congratulation each other and Simar went for her interview. The interviewer offers Simar to go to the Bombay for best future. In spite of Aarav’s full support, Simar denies to leave her family and Agra city behind. There a fan of Simar comes, whom she had met before in the station Kabya. The interviewer approachs the girl, Kabya that he will replace her position in the job and give it to Simar. As the girl was not as good as Simar. The interviewer doesn’t want her in the position.

The girl requests the interview not to let her go and how badly she needs the money. Then Simar interferes the conversation and insists to fixed her fees, the interviewer agreed up to fifty thousand. But Simar wants more and she refuses to take the job offer because of the low salary. Then Simar asks the interviewer if there will be any free project she you will be happy to join them , in low salary. Because she doesn’t want to be the obstacle of someone’s job . She gives advice to the interviewer that employes are the backbone of any company and one should not replace them without any notice. It will be better if you take the decision wisely.

The episode ends with Kabya thanking Simar for her favour. The girl gifts her pretty key chain.

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