Sasural Simar Ka 2 11th May 2021 Written Update: Chitra meets Sandhya and gives back her CCTV footage


Sasural Simar Ka 2 11th May 2021 Written Update on

The episode starts with Indu receiving a flower bouquet on her anniversary day, the guy asks for change so she checks Avinash pocket for some change money yet she finds a dry rose from his pocket. She remembers about the phone call she got for Avinash. She calls Roma and asks her what does a red rose means, Roma comforts her and tells her not to worry.

All the ladies at home with Geetanjali Devi sitting and discussing on suitable girl for Aarav and Vivaan. Simar selected few girls and shows those pictures to Geetanjali Devi. While Citra also wants to see those girls. Chitra takes the picture of the richest girl in Agra and tells to Geetanjali Devi, she selected this girl for Vivaan. But Geetanjali Devi states that first they will find a suitable girl for Aarav and then for Vivaan. Sandhya shows Reema’s photo to Geetanjali Devi but before that she gets a call and moves from there. Sandhya’s phone switched off. So she couldn’t show Reema’s photo to Simar.

Aarav comes back home and meets Vivaan. Vivaan tells him that he is madly in love with someone and asks about Aarav’s situation. Aarav tells him about his nervousness when it comes to meet the girls. And then he tells him about what happens at the cafeteria with Reema. How she left him alone. Meanwhile Simar and Reema discussing about Aarav and Vivaan. Simar tells Reema about Aarav that she started liking him, yet Reema suggests her not to go on that way.

Aarav and Vivaan continues discussing about Reema. Aarav says he becomes very nervous when he meets her. Vivaan suggest him to propose Reema for marriage. Meanwhile Simar comes and heard them. She powers Aarav to go for the girl if he really feels something special for her.Chitra hears all there discussion and tells to Griraj. Griraj have some evil plans for Aarav.

Simar, Reema and family celebrates their anniversary. Roma and Lalit also joins them. They are having a great family time together. Chitra comes to meet Sandhya and gives her back the CCTV footage. She discusses with her to remove Simar. And they have some evil plan for Aarav. So that Vivaan takes over the Oswal’s family business and gets the best girl to marry

Geetanjali comes to meet Simar. She feels disturb about the pesticide incident. Now she thinks if Aarav’s marriage news will go then how those evil people will react. Simar comforts her.

The episode ends.

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