Sasural Simar Ka 2 12th July 2022 Written Update: Riyansh pretends to love Kavya


Sasural Simar Ka 2 12th July 2022 Written Update on

Episode starts with Simar conversing with Aarav. Simar explains the truth, Aarav is not ready to belive it. Kapoor family comes. Oswaal family greets them. Rudra comes with his photografic team. Gagan teaches Aditi how to care about herself. Rudra is pleased to see the exquisite decoration of the Oswaal family. Maddy is asked to take every snaps of the every corner. Maddy agrees to do that.

Reema comes with her snazzy snappy dress. To see her in gorgeous attire, Rudra gets flattered. Rudra says come earlier to see him. Reema introduces the Oswaal family to him. Reema is asked by Rudra to introduce the every corner of Oswaal mansion. Reema and Rudra go together see the decoration.

Badima comes with the grand look and asks Simar where is Riyansh. Simar looks tensed. Before saying anything Aarav drags her inside. Badima collides with the Maddy and asks him about his pompous advent. Maddy explains her about the work of Rudra’s team. Maddy politely asks permission for the photoshoot and gives her the proper respect. Badima becomes pleased and gives him the permission.

Suddenly Ishita comes in a traditional dress and bows down to take the blessing from Badima. Badima surprises to see and gets angry, as she should not be present in the Tilak ceremony. Because the would be bride and groom should not meet anymore until the marriage. Ishita excuses herself and says that as all the photos of their previous ceremony have deleted, she has come to take some shots. She takes the permission of Badima. After some hesitation Badima gives her the permission. Ishita becomes satisfied. Maddy becomes over excited.

Ishita searches for Ishita. Simar and Aarav look tensed about Riyansh. Riyansh is not there. He says Riyansh has gone to tailer to fit his Sherwani. Aarav manages the situation and goes to find Riyansh. Simar and Aarav discuss together for they excute the problem. Riyansh brings Kavya in hotel room, and locks the room from outside. Riyansh calls his friends and boasts about himself. Simar gets tensed about the situation and she overthinks. Aarav rebukes her and requests her to handle the situation first as he is going out to find Riyansh. Riyansh brings Kavya in hotel room, and locks the room from outside. Riyansh calls his friends and boasts about himself.

Simar wants to reveal the truth, and she explains and gives logic behind her doubts. Aarav misunderstands her and scolds her. Simar says about the flirtatious character of Riyansh. But Aarav is not ready to believe. He says he believes on Riyansh. Aarav left Simar in a conflict situation. Ishita comes and asks Simar where is Riyansh. But Simar says she doesn’t know anything and goes.

Chirag comes to Aarav as Aarav calls him. Aarav shows him the photo of Riyansh whether he is the boy who Chirag saw in the cafe. Aarav becomes angry. Riyansh comes in the room and makes the pretension of love. He hugs her and says he loves her passionately.

Everyone is tensed and confused ahout Riyansh. Mrs Kapoor pokes about the fact that Badima herself doesn’t maintain the discipline which she imposes on others. Mrs Kapoor questions about Badima’s punctuality of time. Badima calls Simar and asks where is Riyansh. Badima also rebukes Chitra as she failed to maintain the responsibility. Aarav suddenly comes and says Riyansh is coming.

Rudra explains the philosophy of solitude and love of life. Reema feels the same ideology with her. Rudra says he is also unhappy with his marriage. Reema feels the same. Vivaan suddenly comes when Rudra consoles her.
Episode ends.

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