Sasural Simar Ka 2 14th March 2023 Written Update: Oswal family spots poisonous snakes in the house


Sasural Simar Ka 2 14th March 2023 Written Update on

The episode starts with Oswal family is trying to wake Sandhya up but the latter is lying lifeless due to the snake poison. Everyone recalls their memory related to her and get emotional. Aarav gets shocked and asks her to get up repeatedly but in vain. After some time everyone learns that Sandhya is dead and they lost her.

Simar sees some signs which proves a poisonous snake’s presence. After some days Aarav and Simar are seen coming downstairs with their luggage to go somewhere for a change. Sandhya’s husband gets upset seeing Sandy’s photo and Aarav comes to him.

Her husband says that Aarav lost his mother and his pain is more than him. Badi Ma tells Aarav to leave for his destination without any delay. She tells Simar to take special care of him and herself as well. Aarav says he wanted Simar to stay with family so that she can help them in need.

Badi Ma says but she can’t take risk with Aarav’s safety. Simar and Aarav both are equally important for her and they should go away from the mess for some days and they will be safe from the danger as well. Already they lost Sandhya now they can’t lose anyone else in the family.

Reema hugs Simar and tells her to look after herself. Vivaan says bye to Aarav. There when Aarav starts driving the snake observes him and Simar secretly. Simar thinks she has to be Aarva’s support system right now else he is really disturbed after losing his mother.

There Vivaan asks Reema if she is ready. She says yes and she goes for some work. He checks the bathroom hearing some noise and gets shocked seeing many snakes there. He screams in fear and goes downstairs. Each one of the family members witness many snakes in their rooms and the house everywhere and try to run away from them.

They think like they will also die like Sandhya died. One snake falls upon Vivaan’s hand and he tries to remove it. Reema tries to remove it and it falls at last. There Aarav and Simar enter the hotel room and a person greets them. The snake keeps observing them. Aarav sits upset on his bed and doesn’t talk much.

Simar seeing his silence tells him to take his time as he is upset for a valid reason. She is about to leave but Aarav holds her hand. She says he should vent out his suppressed emotions and pain totally else he will suffer more. He lost his mother and the loss is irreplaceable. He breaks down to tears saying he can’t believe she is no more.

Because he is still hoping to hear her voice and is recalling how she used to guide him. He lays on Simar’s lap and shares his pain. She comforts him saying she can understand his pain and she is with him and she will never leave him in any situation.

He says he is lucky to have her as his wife. He kisses on her forehead and they hug each other being emotional. The snake near the mirror see everything they are doing.

Precap- Simar wakes up in shock seeing so many snakes in their room. She tells Aarav to wake up and asks him to see the snakes. He tries to remove the snake from their room.

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