Sasural Simar Ka 2 17th June 2021 Written Update: Vivaan fights with his parents to support Aarav

Sasural Simar Ka 2 Upcoming Story, Spoilers, Latest Gossip, News, Twist
Sasural Simar Ka 2 Upcoming Story, Spoilers, Latest Gossip, News, Twist

Sasural Simar Ka 2 17th June 2021 Written Update on

The episode starts with Avinash telling his family that now they have to get ready for the consiquences as the wedding is over and Oswal family is not going to forgive them for the bride swap lie. Vivaan finds that the marriage is over now so he asks a helper to look after Reema and he goes to find Aarav. Aarav and Simar is in car going to Oswal resident. Aarav holds Simar hand and tells her that she asked a question on Mehndi day so now he wants to answer and tells her that he loves her. Simar prays to Mata Rani that this is not right and Aarav is Reema’s love.

Guptaji scolds Chitra and Girish but then Chitra asks him to wait for some more time. Guptaji is now happy with their confidence so he waits for some more time. The couple reaches home. All the reporters are waiting for them. Aarav asks Simar to hold his hand but Simar hesitates. Then Aarav convinces her to hold his hand and tells her that these hands will never leave her. And then asks her to get up and go to her house. Reyansh welcomes them.

Simar while going looks at her image in the car window. Aditi welcomes the couple. She tells her all this decoration is for her. Simar enters inside with holding Aarav’s hand. Vivaan in his car tries to reach Oswal resident as fast as possible to reveal the truth infront of everyone.

Avinash gets a heart attack and falls on the ground. Gagan and other family members rushes to him. Badi Simar prays to Mata Rani to help Chote Simar. She tells to her that for Aarav and Oswal family future she took this decision. She tells to her that how will Oswal family react when the truth will be revealed. She also tells that Chote Simar is innocent and she followed Badi Simar whatever she asked her to do so she prays to protect her.

Vivaan reaches the Oswal resident, he meets Girish and tells that her mother has planned conspiracy. Meanwhile Chitra comes and asks him what conspiracy she has done. Sandhya asks the bride to put her hand print on the walls of their house. She referred her as Reema. Sandhya welcomes her inside and finish the Grahpravesh ritual by falling the kalash on the ground. Aarav quietly tells her that this is the best moment of his life and he will remember it his whole life. She enters the house.

Geetanjali Devi tells her that she is the eldest bahu of the third generation of Oswal family. Aarav tells her that if her guidance will be with them then are ready to face anything. Geetanjali Devi asks that now they will see her face. But Chote Simar gets worried and turns her face aside. Badi Simar makes excuse for her. Geetanjali Devi then asks her to come inside.

Vivaan tells Chitra that he cannot trust her mother. He enquiries her that why she did this to Aarav, she spoiled his life. He also calls her greedy and for her greediness she spoiled this family reputation. She tries to convince him that she always thought about him. Then Girish tells him that go and reveal the truth to Geetanjali Devi, don’t follow the duty of a son full fill the duty of a brother.

Vivaan comes to Aarav and tries to tell him the truth, but Aarav holds him. Geetanjali Devi prays to the Goddess and then pulls up bride’s veil to reveal her face. But meanwhile she gets the flash in her eyes and cannot see the bride but Sandhya sees her and calls her name. Then Geetanjali Devi also looks at her and everybody is in shock while looking at Simar. Geetanjali Devi opens her face and gets two steps back in shock.

The end.

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